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PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Browse our vast collection of PowerPoint presentations.

Sample investor pitch deck

I can help you with the framework, content, and slides ...

  • Management

An example of my teaching materials

In this example, I am presenting a typical programming ...

  • Coding
  • Computer Science

AP Pre Calculus: Trignometry

Degree and Radians: Explains angle measurement in degre...

  • Mathematics

Math: IGCSE: Complex Numbers

Complex Numbers: Covers basics, real and imaginary part...

  • Mathematics

Chemistry: A Levels: Isomerism

Introduce stereoisomers as compounds with the same stru...

  • Chemistry

Physics: A Levels: Forces

How to represent forces acting on an object using free ...

  • Physics

IBDP Biology: Genetics: Pedigree Chart Analysis

Overview of different inheritance patterns like autosom...

  • Biological Science

AP Biology: Cellular Respiration

Cellular respiration and its role in energy production,...

  • Biological Science

KS3 - The Story of Persephone and Hades

In Grade 7, we went through a series of lessons based o...

  • English

Introduction to 'The Tempest' by William Shakespea...

Here is a power point presentation that I have used in ...

  • English

Find Uni Price (Math G6 and G7)

Have you ever wondered how to make the best decisions w...

  • Mathematics

Working with rate per (fraction work Grade7 Maths)

How can students remember the calculation of rate

  • Mathematics

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