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Male, 44 years

Matthew S.

Male, 44 years

Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

Code with Confidence - Hong Kong (online only)


What kind of tutor do you want? Someone who pretends to know what they're doing, or someone who actually does? Certified and Registered Teacher in U.S. and H.K. Master Degrees in... Read more

Teaching methodology

Python is a popular industry language used by Youtube, Google, and even NASA. Using an adaptive curriculum, students will learn the fundamentals of coding, including: < • white ... Read more

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Educational Qualification

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

Westmont College

  • United States
  • 2000

Master of Arts in Education - 4.0 GPA

Azusa Pacific University

  • United States
  • 2004

Master of Science in Higher Education - 4.0 GPA

Florida International University

  • United States
  • 2010

Associate Academic Life Coach


  • United States
  • 2019

Multiple Subject Teaching Certificate

Azusa Pacific University

  • United States
  • 2004

Registered Teacher

Government of Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong
  • 2016

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