Top 10 Qualities Of A Good Geography Tutor: Know Before You Hire

Nov 30, 2020

Are you fond of maps and globe more than anything? Looking to hire a good geography tutor for your child, but not sure how to get started? Great, you have come to the right place, before helping your child know some of the good qualities of a good geography tutor. The students should be taught to rely upon maps, charts and globe which tell so much about the earth. They must understand which figure represents which feature. The teacher should create interest in the students so that they learn geography with fun.

As a leading online education platform in Singapore, we asked our top geography tutors about some of the good qualities of a geography instructor, in the next section of the article, we will sum up some of the worth mentioning qualities, scroll down to discover.

Top 10 must-have qualities of a geography tutor

1. Strong subject leadership

A subject expert is required to have a strong grip over the subject itself, besides they have to have a good communication skill to make students understand the perspectives of different topics. They must know how to channelize their words to encourage students. Geography is all about map, charts, graphs, globe and other engaging things, a good teacher must know how to arouse interest in the subject.

2: Value students’ perspectives

A good teacher must know how to value every student’s perspective, listening to the student is very important to get inside their minds. They need to know what students already know and understand and what interests them. It also helps the teachers plan the curriculum which is engaging for the students, teachers can simply ask the question that what changes students prefer in the existing curriculum. If a teacher listens to the students’ perspectives it would help them channelize towards the right career path.

3. Plan lessons carefully

Every teacher is bound to follow the certain syllabus as part of the curriculum, they must plan those lessons carefully so the students maintain their pace with the curriculum. Teachers must know the connection between one chapter to the other and where students might face a challenge to understand. They can ask questions randomly in an informal way so that every student feel encouraged to participate in the learning sessions.

4. Sound project knowledge

Geography is a practical subject, they must go through hands-on experience to understand the depth of the subject. The teacher must know the importance of each type of project so that they assist their students the best. In geography the subject knowledge is continuously evolving, the must-know which new topic should introduce to make the curriculum interesting and expand the students’ subject knowledge.

5. Empathetic

A good geography tutor must be empathetic in nature, they must not judge the students on the basis of their progress, they must not pass any negative comment which might demotivate the student to learn the subject. Teachers must understand that not all students are the same, some are quick at grasping new topics while some require more time to bring their best. Teachers must respect each students’ own learning pace, they must understand where to push and how to push so that they don’t lose interest in the subject and complete their syllabus before the final examination.

6. Encourage a culture of innovation

Ever geography teacher must guide their students on their field trips or projects, but they also encourage them to come up with their own ideas. Instead of sharing his/her ideas with the students, it would be interesting if he/she ask the students about the same to encourage the innovative sight of the students. They can plan a sudden field trip with their students to make them understand what nature has to offer, it would provide them with a great chance to discover their inner potential towards sudden changes.

7. Tech-savvy

A good geography teacher must know the new-age teaching techniques that include planning online classes, setting up the projector, plan online group discussion, submit online projects, use certain tools to ease the learning experience, suggest must-watch Geography channels on YouTube and many more. Teachers must know how to encourage smart learning to the students apart from conventional teaching method.

8. Different methods of teaching

Geography teachers must know different teaching approach and which would be most beneficial for the students. Junior students require different approaches while the approach must be different for higher secondary students, a good teacher must know how to change their perspective according to the different age group students.

9. Evaluate the progress of the student

A good teacher must know how to evaluate their students’ academic performance and how to encourage them to do better. They must know how to convert their ideas out of classroom set-up, teachers must have a good listening skill, a student’s body language tells a lot about their characters, if a teacher listens to their students they will better evaluate their progress in the subject.

10. Knowledge about career prospective

Every geography tutor must know the vast career opportunities and educate their students accordingly. The teacher must understand the potential of their students and suggest proper career paths accordingly. Geography has a versatile career prospective that includes Cartographer, Surveyor, Drafter, Government employee, Urban and Regional Planner, Climatologist, Meteorologist, GIS Specialist, Environmental Manager, Researcher, Transportation Manager and many more.

As a parent, if you are planning to hire a good geography tutor for your child make sure the teacher has most of the above-mentioned qualities so that your child can make the most of it.

Where to find a good geography tutor in Singapore?

Days are gone when our parents used to look for recommendation about a good tutor among their friends and relative, thanks to digital media now you can search your own tutor. You can also check the background of the teachers and feedback given by other students. There is a various online education platform which provides good geography tutor to help with students’ academic requirements.

For better assistance, you can check MyPrivateTutor which is one of the leading online education platform in Singapore with twelve plus years of experience in dealing with different requirements of students. We have a huge database of different subject experts from across the country, among which our team will select the best tutor for your kid.

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How to become a geography tutor?

If you think you have enough qualities to become a geography tutor you can sign up with us, make sure you have the proper qualification (at least a bachelor’s degree) to teach geography. You need to have a master’s degree or diploma in the subject to teach higher studies students.  There are various online geography tutor jobs in Singapore, after signing up with us we will guide you thoroughly to get a job suitable to your profile.

The best part of working with us you can select your own remuneration; we will showcase that information on your profile along with other credentials. We have hundreds of geography tutors registered with us from different parts of Singapore, some are professors, some are school teachers, some are private tutors whereas some are freshers, you can also apply to become a tutor with us, it’s easier than you think.

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