7 Tips to Speak English With Confidence

Mar 10, 2021

Speaking in English is always a struggle for non-English speakers, today, English is mandatory for everything. To get a job and to get selected in any course, candidates are expected to have minimal fluency in English. 

Now, the non-English speakers are easy in reading, listening, and writing English. Speaking seems a bit tougher and a major reason behind this is the tension of saying wrong English. This particular factor keeps going in the mind of most of the non-English speaking individuals and while speaking they stay extra conscious. As a result, they make more mistakes. 

Here we have found d a few tips to boost up your confidence while speaking in English:

Don’t Draw A Scenario Before Speaking – Speak With The Flow

To avoid the possibility of making mistakes, a number of people often prepare what to say. Even during job interviews, they do the same thing in response to a very simple question. As a result, they take much time to answer the question. 

This is itself a wrong strategy while speaking. Speaking has to be spontaneous – if the question is not that complex, the answer needs to come with the flow. While speaking, remember, you are not supposed to be chronologic throughout; rather your target is to sound normal

For this, you have to stop worrying about mistakes.  Mistakes in spoken English are unavoidable – everyone makes mistakes. But sounding natural is up to you. To sound natural, you have to speak without over-thinking.

Practice Making Mistakes 

The aim of this strategy is to make your ears used to the mistakes. Once you get used to listening to your own mistakes, your confidence will boost automatically.

From your childhood, you always have the benchmarks to write correct English to get full marks. As a result, we all are more or less worried about the mistakes, and right after making a mistake, we get nonetheless embarrassed.

fear of making mistakes

This strategy will make you feel that mistakes are a part of speaking and there is nothing to get embarrassed about the mistakes. For example, while you made a mistake during any conversation, just say a ‘sorry’ and use the correct word. 

Yes, that’s all! 

Breathe In, Smile And Speak Slow

Deep breaths will calm you down and you can speak lightly. Smile and carry a positive attitude while speaking. These will help you to speak confidently. 

Also, you may choose to speak at a slow pace if the possibility of making mistakes still bothers you. Sometimes, fast speaking may make you stumble suddenly. So you may choose to speak slowly. However, while having conversations especially with close ones or friends, it may be a tiresome task to speak slowly. 

Accent Is OK

While speaking English, accent bothers the speaker to a great extent. A reason behind low confidence is their accent. But, the fact is we cannot always avoid the accent

Note that avoiding accents needs long-term practice – it cannot be changed at once.  You need to work on your accents for years to get an accent like the speakers residing in any English-speaking country. 

In non-English speaking countries, where English is the secondary language, accent really does not matter. It is possible that you and the person you are speaking to have different accents – there is nothing to bother

Talk To Yourself 

This will also make you used to your accent. Sometimes your own accent becomes a reason behind nervousness. As a result, you may lose your confidence. 

Pair Up With Friend Or Make A Group Of Not More Than 5 To Converse

Practice makes a man perfect and it is completely applicable while speaking English. Practicing with one or more friends will make you familiar with the different types of mistakes people make during a conversation. Also, you can learn how they cover up the mistakes. In case you don’t have friends nearby, you may make this conversation virtual. 

group conversation

Read Aloud And Practice Tongue Twisters

From texts to book to newspapers, read everything loudly. Along with making you familiar with your English tone, it will help you to speak clearly. Tongue twisters, on the other hand, will improve your English diction. It will offer you an extra level of confidence.

Apart from this, try to listen to English podcasts, interviews, and other videos and think in English. You may register with us and hire an English tutor who will speak with you in English and teach you the tricks to ace spoken English. But remember, speaking only during the tuition will not help – you have to speak in English throughout to get confidence. 


Confidence makes English conversations even more effective. Use these unusual tips like making mistakes, speak without thinking much, using tongue twisters, and more to speak with confidence. 


With a passion for writing, Rachita is in the field of content writing for more than 5 years. Here, she writes the blogs for MyPrivateTutor Singapore. Being a literature student, she has a strong addiction to reading as well. On a lazy day, she just needs a cozy setting and her favorite book or web series. 

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