Unfailing Tips to Master a Foreign Language Easily

May 11, 2021

Learning a new language always considered something beneficial. As schools, universities, and offices are now operating mostly remotely, people can have some time in hand to devote themselves to learning a language. 

The trend of learning a foreign language is mostly visible in working professionals as knowledge of a foreign language improves their possibilities. We often believe that learning a language takes a huge time and sometimes, even after having chances, we don’t go for learning that. For those who believe learning a language will take more time than normal, we have a few tips. 

Think in the Language

To learn a language faster, you have to think in that language more. Unless you think and try to express your thinking and feelings in words, you will not feel the necessity of learning new words and vocabulary. 

So, imagine a situation and think about the situation and how to get over the situation in your own language. Next, find out the same thing in the language you are learning. You will lack some words and you will feel the necessity to dig deep. 

Carry a Dictionary

While learning a language, a dictionary is a must-have to pace up the practice. Learners often prefer an online dictionary - but we believe a real dictionary can be more helpful. A dictionary will help you to convert your thinking into words plus, you can have different exercises with a dictionary. 

Language learns can set a target of learning 10-20 new words a day with the meanings and try to make sentences with these. 

dictionary learning

Explore the Intenet

To learn a language, the internet can offer multidimensional help to the candidates. On the internet, you can get some language apps that will help you in learning new vocabulary every day. 

Also, you can find some websites to learn some tips. Most importantly, you may come across a number of discussion forums where you will meet the learners and experts of the language. You can share your views with them and get some tips from them.  

Plug-in Videos

Right now, YouTube makes learning almost anything easier than ever. People are learning a number of complicated matters without even hiring a teacher. Now, you may question, how can you use YouTube as a resource to learn a language? Here is the answer.

In youTube, you will find a number of videos of the language. You can improve your listening skills by listening to them. Also, you will definitely get a handful of talk shows in that language - watch all those videos to improve your communication skills. Once you are accustomed to the language a little bit, you can start speaking along with video exercises too. 

Noting from video

Use Social Media 

Social media is a place where you can get a companion from any country. It is possible that you meet with someone whose mother tongue and the language of your learning are the same. It will be a great way to practice the language. 

While practicing with the social media companion, you can disclose the exact problems you are facing. A native speaker of the language can easily figure out a solution to it. As the use of social media can maximize the time of practice, it is expected to complete the language course faster. 

By using social; media, you can join the communities of the learners of your language and read the posts there to strengthen your reading skills. People will post the short videos including language tips - listen to those and follow those. Try to join the meetups and other events to have a carefree conversation. Plus, you will always have the opportunity to write your problems in that language in that group to get others’ help. 

You can even team up with one or more people who stay near you to practice in a group. 

social media discussion forum

Practice Whenever You Have Time

Working professionals may not get the time to practice the new language. While working, they have to speak or write English. It is their professional need. 

But when their works are done, they have to practice speaking or reading the language. No matter how short the span is, use the time to read something in that language. Working professionals often prefer to practice the language on the weekends - this is not the right way to learn. Set a target of at least 2 hours every day even during the weekdays. 

Final Words

To sum up, don’t ever stop practicing and you can take the help of language tutors too. In MyPrivateTutor, Chinese Mandarin tutor and many other language tutors are registered. Hire a language tutor today. 


With a passion for writing, Rachita is in the field of content writing for more than 5 years. Here, she writes the blogs for MyPrivateTutor Singapore. Being a literature student, she has a strong addiction to reading as well. On a lazy day, she just needs a cozy setting and her favorite book or web series. 

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