Coolest Tips for Social Science Tutor to Make the Subject Interesting for Students

Sep 30, 2020

Social science can be very tricky for many learners. It is mainly due to the huge syllabus. Again, many students find social science very boring. However, it’s an important subject which is indeed interesting if given proper focus. Also, the students need to understand the subject and connect it to real life.
Social science tutor can make the subject super thought-provoking.

How many sub-subjects are included in Social Science?

Four sub-subjects are there:

History let the students gain knowledge about civilizations, wars, kingdoms, kings, freedom struggle, etc.

Geography provides knowledge about places, landscapes, climatic conditions, mineral wealth, and so on.

Economics deals with the income, growth, and GDP of the country.

Civics teaches about various functions of the Constitution, government, duties and rights.

Here is what social science tutors can do to make the subject interesting for the students

They make the students connect with the subject:

It is crucial for the students to recognize the value of Social Science and connect with it completely. Students who are interested in Civil Sciences may get more interested in Social Science.

Use technology to teach social science:

Any social science tutor can use technology or convince the students to use it for learning Social Science. They must watch interesting videos on the subject matter. They can search for information on internet for reference study. Many student-friendly websites are there that contain educational quiz, resources, fun games, etc. Again, various modern educational mobile apps are available from where the students can learn so many things about social science.

Social science tutor must conduct group studies:

Teachers should organize group studies so that the students can boost their learning experience and have fun at the same time. In group studies, learners can interact with friends, have discussion with them, question each other, check each other’s copy, do peer review, etc. It helps in understanding the subject and retain it in better way.

Prepare charts and notes:

Social science tutors must prepare charts and notes for the students, or, they can teach them to compose these things themselves in which they must include important facts, figures, events, dates, data, and definitions. Again, the students can work on map questions and make bullet points on various chapters to remember the entire lesson and read the points on the go.

Make your students active participants:

As a social science tutor, you must let your students actively participate in governmental and societal activities. They must involve in discussions related to global culture, current events, and behavioural trends in the present society.

Additionally, social science tutors provide instructions about history, anthropology, geography, etc. They also instruct how these specific fields have given shape to various groups of people that result in social, cultural, and linguistic differences.

Give thought to pedagogy:

Social science tutors have to understand the subject content in multiple ways and convey it in a learnable, understandable, interesting and challenging manner to the learners. Pedagogy with the content of the subject matter is not that worthy. Only knowing the subject won’t help.

You must possess the capability of explain ideas, principles, events, and social inter-relationships. You must have incredible ability of storytelling. You have to help your students to make new connections, find out challenges related to social science. Your success as a teacher will reflect up on your capability of making any lesson an adventure for your students.

Take your students to various places:

Only theoretical knowledge never helps to understand a subject like a pro. You have to take your students to various places, organizations and events to teach them practical lessons. Practical learning will give the students acknowledgement of the real life social situations which they can further use in their thesis writing. Also, their theoretical knowledge will get ample support from practical experience.

Being a social science tutor is a matter of respect, being interesting, active and updated. The students can inquire anything and as a teacher, you must be ready to handle those questions. Make sure that your class remains interesting and engaging, and the students are participating in every session actively.


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