Strategies to Speak English Fast and Clear

Apr 13, 2021

English speaking seems to be a tough task for all the non-native English speakers - it is not that they are unable to speak English, but they are much concerned about their fluency, accents, and of course the possibilities of making mistakes. Speaking with confidence can beat all these enemies, but non-native speakers are often unable to gather this confidence. Here are a few ways to speak English fast and clear:

Use Tongue Twisters 

Those who get stuck while speaking fast can practice the tongue twisters. If your target is to speak English fast and clear, the common tongue twisters can be a real help. The unusual twist will release your tongue from any kind of uneasiness. As a result, a certain change in your pronunciation will be noticed. Along with this, fast speaking is also ensured with this exercise. 

Over YouTube, the learners can get a number of tongue-twisting exercises to improve their English fluency, accent, and speed. They can pick any from those and start practicing. 
In the beginning, it will seem difficult – you may exercise for 5-8 minutes. Gradually, you have to extend it to 10-12 minutes. After 10-15 days, you will notice a certain difference while speaking. You can hire an English tutor to practice the same. 

tongue twister

Use A Dictionary

We generally use the dictionary as a vocabulary help – but at the time of doing so, we miss another great use of the dictionary. That is Pronunciation help – in a dictionary, right after the main word (the word we are exploring), a curve text is found. That is the pronunciation of the word. 

In a few advanced dictionaries, pronunciations for different English-speaking countries are given – for example, sometimes a word is spoken differently in different countries like UK and USA. The pronunciation for both countries is available in the dictionary. 
So, it is a fact that one can work on pronunciation by using a dictionary. Learning the proper pronunciation will offer confidence to the speakers and with this confidence, they can speak clearly and faster. 

Set a Clock and Speak 

To obtain a decent speaking speed, non-native English speakers need to go through daily exercise. For this, first of all, they need to figure out what is their expected speed and what is their current speed. Here, they can take help of any online software to calculate their speed per minute.

Now to obtain the desired speed, they have to practice speaking daily with a timer. It is a time-consuming exercise and the learners need must not give daybreak in this exercise. Daybreak has the possibility of ruining the entire progress. So, keep practicing until you meet your goal. 

Listen and Speak 

Listen and speak is a traditional way of speaking fast and accurately. But to exercise this method, the speaker must have a very strong vocabulary. The reason behind the necessity of a strong vocabulary is in the speech, the speaker will use a lot of words. A number of words may seem brand new to our learners. so, a good vocabulary is mandatory. 

For listening, the learners can pick any podcast or an interview from any news channel. To ace communicative English, it is essential to listen to good quality interviews. 

listen and speak


This is also a traditional speaking exercise while the learner learns accurate speaking by reading a newspaper or book or story or anything. Just like the previous exercise, this exercise too needs an excellent vocabulary. This is because a book or a newspaper, or a journal or a story will not necessarily include only the familiar words of the learner. There will obviously be unknown words. In case they are unknown to the word or its pronunciation, their reading speed may slow down.

Speak, Forgetting about the Mistakes

We all more or less speak English very consciously - we are much careful about the mistakes. What would others think if we make a mistake is a bigger concern compared to correct speaking. 

Now, we should admit that mistakes are a part of us and it is impossible to know the meaning and correct pronunciation of all the words. So, mistakes are unavoidable. Whenever you mispronounced or used the wrong vocabulary, just say excuse me and continue speaking. 

confident speaking


So, being extra careful to the mistakes will not make any changes - you cannot nullify your mistakes even through rigorous practice. So, you have to accept that and to speak fast and clear, the tips mentioned above can help a lot. 


Speaking fast and clear English needs a lot of practice - even though you are unable to manage it after rigorous practice, you can manage this easily with confidence. 


With a passion for writing, Rachita is in the field of content writing for more than 5 years. Here, she writes the blogs for MyPrivateTutor Singapore. Being a literature student, she has a strong addiction to reading as well. On a lazy day, she just needs a cozy setting and her favorite book or web series. 

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