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How Parents Can Support Their Sports-Loving Kid?

Kids, irrespective of their gender, often like sports much more than studies. For them, sports come even before their studies. Responsible parents need to nurture and nourish this passion for sports in their children. They also have to understand that


Most Effective Ways To Handle Child's Tantrums

Handling kids and their tantrums sometimes seemed like the greatest job to the parents. Actually, in the present day scenario, parents are both working - no matter


Positive and Negative Sides of Involving Parents in Online Learning

At the time of online classes, often the parents get involved with the students. Now the question is whether the involvement of the parents is good or bad. To understand the impacts of parents’ involvement during online classes, it is important to analyze this matter properly. 

Apr 20, 2021 Academics Student Tips

4 Must-Have Qualities For Online Science Tutors

Science can make students interested only if it is properly taught. Unless, students will feel bored, uninterested, and afraid of science. As schools are operating remotely, the lessons of online science classes are not always clear to the students, especially to those who are having detailed and

Sudipto Das

Negative Upbringing May lead to Juvenile Depression

Don't you agree with me that parenting is the most stable job in the world? Parents' dilemma goes like this - You want your child to grow up, and, simultaneously you do not wish your kid to grow up. It's an analogy. Parenthood is pure bliss that unfortunates cannot own. As r

Sep 10, 2019 Life Hacks