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Connection Between Playing Violin And Mathematics

Did you know a considerable amount of scientific research suggests that playing and listening to music improves your cognitive ability and helps you focus even more? As a parent if you think your child is a music enthusiast you must consider hiring a violin tutor who will impart valuable lessons

Dec 03, 2020 Academics

How To Hire A Chemistry Tutor in Singapore: Get Useful Tips From Home Tutors

Do you like Chemistry more than other subjects and require proper help to fulfill your learning requirement? Great, give this article a read to find how to hire an experienced Chemistry tutor, discover more about private tutors in Singapore. Due to the pandemic, the entire education sector has be

Aug 28, 2020 How-Tos and Tips

Some Good Qualities Of A Math Tutor: Must Read For Parents

If you are struggling with Mathematics, you must know you are not alone; there are many like you out there who feel the same for maths. A math test might sound not less than a nightmare. For those who feel difficult solving maths require the help of a good math instructor. Well, it'


Best Practices To Keep Your Child Away From Smartphone: Tips From Tutors In Singapore

Are you worried about your child's growing smartphone addiction, don't know how to deal with the disturbing attachment? Don't worry, calm down! You need a better strategy to channelize your toddlers increasing addiction towards smart devices. Do you know toddlers always try to imitate


Everything You Need To Know About Hiring Online English Tutor

Are you looking for an experienced online English tutor for your child, wondering where to look for? End your search here and give this article a read, here out experts have dec

Rima Bose

Top 3 reasons to invest your money in a maths tutor when your child is in high school

Many children, especially the high school goers are afraid of maths. The level of mathematics at this level has crossed the mere addition and subtraction and entered into a complicated orientation. Algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, geometry, etc. haunt the high school kids that affect their ac

Sudipto Das

How to Look For A Good Tutor for Online Tuition

The pandemic has forced many to adopt online platforms for teaching. However, there are inherent differences in learning online compared to receiving education in the traditional sense. A tutor who can d

May 21, 2020 Academics

How To Find The Best Science Tutor For Your Child: Step By Step Guide

Most of the parents solve this issue by hiring the best Science tutor for their