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Sep 19, 2020

Are you preparing for the SAT examination, confused from where to start? Give this article a read and discover everything you need to know about the SAT examination and how our online SAT tutors can help you. We have more than a hundred qualified SAT tutors who will help you with full-length computer-adaptive simulated tests so that you can bag the maximum score of your SAT examination and take admission to your desired college with ease. Searching for an SAT tutor has never been so easy! Scroll down to discover more details.

What is the SAT Examination?

The SAT is a standardized test that aims to measure a student’s skills in three sectors- Critical Reading, Math, and Writing. 11 and 12-grade students take this examination in order to submit their scores to colleges. It is a part of the college admission process in the United States, but now many colleges in different countries around the world are accepting the SAT examination and call it the Scholastic aptitude test. It was originated in 1926, after that its name and scoring pattern has changed many times, but it was intended to measure literacy in high schools and colleges.

SAT Format

There are three main sections of the SAT those are- Maths, Evidenced-based Reading, and Writing. The total timing of the examination is 3 hours and 50 minutes, where the 50 minutes is for an optional essay. It basically tests your skills likely to need in college and beyond.

Range of sources

In the SAT examination, you will be asked questions from a variety of sources that include tables, charts, graphs, multi-paragraph passages, etc. The following areas you must consider while preparing:

  • Literature and literacy non-fiction
  • Humanities
  • Science (Physical and Biological)
  • History and Social studies
  • Work and career

Command of evidence

The Reading Test - In the Reading Test, you need to read every passage to answer at least one question in order to identify which part of the text supports the answer the best. You will also be asked to find the best answer to a question that will be shown together and conveyed in graphics and words.

The Writing Test – The writing and language test focuses on the command of evidence; you will be asked to analyze a number of paragraphs and a series of sentences in order to decide if they make sense. There will also be a certain question where will have to interpret graphics and part of the accompanying passage to find clear and accurate communications in the formation in the graphics.

The SAT essay – it tests your command of evidence after reading a passage, there you will be asked to decide how the author builds an argument using the evidence, reasoning, and persuasive devices.

The Important Maths

The Math Test focuses on the major three areas of maths:

  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis – here, you will be asked questions from the areas of ratios, percentages, proportional reasoning to solve problems in social science, science, and career contexts.
  • Heart of Algebra – questions from this area focuses on linear equation and systems to develop key powers of abstraction.
  • Passport to Advanced Math – questions will be focused on more complex equations and their manipulations.

Real-world Questions In the SAT examination, you will be asked questions related to the real-world, questions will be there from history, science, social science, etc.

Why is SAT important?

Many colleges require SAT scores as a part of their admission to make admission decisions in a rational way. SAT is a multiple-choice, pencil, and paper test that was created by the college board. That very college board also administrates the examination. The main purpose of the SAT is to assess the readiness of high school students for colleges with a single data point that can be used to compare all the applicants. The SAT scores will be reviewed by the college admission officers alongside the high school GPA, your high school classes, and letters of recommendation (if any), admission interviews, extra-curricular activities, and personal essays. The SAT score criteria can be different from one college to the other. Overall the higher your SAT score, the better your options for attention colleges.

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When should I take the SAT?

In most cases, high school students take the SAT exam in order to get admission to their desired colleges. During your high school course, you must check whether your desired college require an SAT score for admission, if yes then you must prepare for the SAT along-side of your final examination.

Duration of SAT examination

The SAT examination will take 3 hours to finish; if you choose to take the SAT with Essay, the duration will be 3 hours 50 minutes. Before hitting the final examination, you can prepare with an online SAT tutor who will help you practice the syllabus through a series of mock tests.

What SAT Score is recommended?

The admission score for SAT varies from one college to the other; however, a standard score of 1480 – 1550 is required for admission in top colleges. Each college can set their own SAT score for admission and whether the number of applicants matching the criteria will decide your future with the particular college.

Where to find the best online tutor for SAT preparation

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