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Sudipto Das

Can A Kid Learn Coding From A Programming Language Tutor?

Presently, lots of discussions and buzz are going on related to the importance of teaching coding to the school kids. There are few questions: Is coding necessary for children? Are there any benefit of teaching coding to kids? Can a child learn coding from a programming language tutor?

Jul 22, 2020 Academics Teaching Ideas
Rima Bose

Top 3 reasons to invest your money in a maths tutor when your child is in high school

Many children, especially the high school goers are afraid of maths. The level of mathematics at this level has crossed the mere addition and subtraction and entered into a complicated orientation. Algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, geometry, etc. haunt the high school kids that affect their ac


Home Tuition Jobs: Times of Crisis Will Bring New Sets of Opportunities

Do you like teaching students your favorite subjects? If you are passionate about teaching, then you can start your career as a home tutor. Finding a home tutor job is easier than ever before, you can simply search for students who are looking for your help both online and for face to face teachi


Start Your Career As An Online Home Tutor: Everything You Need To Know

Are you planning to begin your career as an online home tutor, but don’t understand where to start? Read this article to the end to get all your answers. In this time, the definition of education and teaching is continuously changing; both are shifting to online. Most of the schools have al


Future Prospect of Home Tutor Jobs: A Holistic Approach

The whole world is still fighting against the pandemic COVID – 19, everyday businesses are coming up with different approaches in order to continue their services without affecting the norms. Compared to other sectors, education is at a much safer place with the help of


Find The Best Online Chinese Mandarin Tutor Near You

Are you looking for the best online Chinese Mandarin tutor near you? End your search here as this article will help you discover the easiest ways to connect with the most qualified Chinese Mandarin and/or


How To Find The Best Online Geography Tutor Near You?

Do geography mesmerizes you over other subjects? Do you love to study geography every day? Then no doubt it is one of your most favourite subjects. But do you know how you can learn geography online with the help of a range of


How To Find The Best Violin & Piano Tutors Near You: Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking for the reasons to play the violin or piano for yourself or for your child? Great, you can check our range of online violin tutors and