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Why Is Everyone Choosing Online IELTS Classes?

IELTS aspirants are increasingly opting for online IELTS classes as their preferred means to prepare for the exam. The online mode provides many benefits compared to its offline counterpart because of its convenience, education structure and more. As a result, students have greatl

Dec 07, 2022 Study Abroad

How to Write a Great College Essay?

A college essay or the application essay is one of the most important factors (after the test score and academic records) at the time of admission. A well-crafted essay often smoothens the path of admission of the students to their dream institutes. Students are often conf


An Overview of ACT Science: Syllabus, Exam Pattern, and More

ACT is an essential exam to enroll in US universities and each year a huge number of candidates take these exams. SAT is pretty similar to this exam but the major difference is science. ACT includes a separate science section - candidates who are willing to enroll in undergraduate