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The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Singapore’s Universities

Singapore is a small but dynamic city-state that has established itself as a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. The country’s universities play a vital role in fostering a culture of creativity, risk-taking and problem-solving among students, faculty and alumni. The government&

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How Can an Online Biology Tutor Help You Score Better?

Biology is one of the most fascinating sciences known to humankind. However, studying it via textbooks can make it quite dull. Thus, students lack interest in the subject, leading to poor grades. So, to bring back students' interests, Biology tutors have taken their

Dec 04, 2022 Student Tips

How to Write a Great College Essay?

A college essay or the application essay is one of the most important factors (after the test score and academic records) at the time of admission. A well-crafted essay often smoothens the path of admission of the students to their dream institutes. Students are often conf


4 Hacks for An Organized College Life

Stepping into college is like a dream come true for many students. College means fewer restrictions like the schools, no bindings of uniforms, and much more flexibility. All these lead to unorganized and unproductive college life for the students. But, wait!

Jul 08, 2021 Student Tips

6 Proven Benefits of Mind-Mapping for Students

Mind-mapping is a very common word for the academic sector and educationists believe that mind mapping makes the students more confident. Mind-mapping is a proven method to enhance the performance of students. But before knowing how mind mapping benefits the students, we need to know what is mind

Jun 16, 2021 Academics Student Tips

GRE Quant: Ratio And Proportion Practice Questions

GRE is one of the most important exams to take for MBA and other higher studies. GRE comes with three sections: Quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing. GRE quant and verbal sections come with MCQs. Analytical writing section, on the other hand, holds descriptive question


7 Essential Tips To Write A high-Scoring English Essay

Writing in English seems very easy, but a number of people struggle with this. Writing in English or any other language needs sufficient knowledge in that matter be


Best Websites to Learn Science Concepts

Learning a subject is not restricted within the boundaries of the classroom right now - from last year, students are learning subjects of the syllabus online. Not just the regular subjects, they are taking online classes for what they are most passionate about (programming, music, dance, exercise