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Sudipto Das

Negative Upbringing May lead to Juvenile Depression

Don't you agree with me that parenting is the most stable job in the world? Parents' dilemma goes like this - You want your child to grow up, and, simultaneously you do not wish your kid to grow up. It's an analogy. Parenthood is pure bliss that unfortunates cannot own. As r

Sep 10, 2019 Life Hacks
Sudipto Das

Is Your Child a Critical Thinker? [PPT]

1. Does your child ask a lot of questions?  Is s/he curious about everything s/he sees? Is s/he a little engineer, always opening up the toys she’s got? Your child may very well be a critical thinker. 2. What is critical thinking? Critical th

Jul 05, 2019 Academics Life Hacks