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What Are The Best Methods Adopted By The Social Science Tutor To Teach Social Science?

Social Science embraces scientific study of human society, economics, politics, anthropology, linguistics, archaeology, management science, human geography, psychology, musicology, social history, welfare and nursing studies, and social relationships. The term ‘Social Science’ was ref

Jul 27, 2020 Academics
Sudipto Das

Can A Kid Learn Coding From A Programming Language Tutor?

Presently, lots of discussions and buzz are going on related to the importance of teaching coding to the school kids. There are few questions: Is coding necessary for children? Are there any benefit of teaching coding to kids? Can a child learn coding from a programming language tutor?

Jul 22, 2020 Academics Teaching Ideas
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How to Look For A Good Tutor for Online Tuition

The pandemic has forced many to adopt online platforms for teaching. However, there are inherent differences in learning online compared to receiving education in the traditional sense. A tutor who can d

May 21, 2020 Academics
Sudipto Das

10 Tips for a Better Online Learning Experience during Covid-19 Outbreak Period

As you probably know, the whole world is trying to contain the COVID-19 coronavirus, and governments are enforcing countrywide lockdowns and enforcing social distancing to limit the spread of the disease. Schools and other educational institutions are

May 06, 2020 Academics
Sudipto Das

What's So Challenging About the A Level Physics Subject?

The stereotypical conception about physics is that it is quite an intriguing subject as it can ever be. And many Singaporean students aren’t much of an exception to that notion. But is it really such an enormous task to study physics in A level studies? So much so that many of our bright an

May 05, 2020 Academics

Prepare With Online IELTS Classes: Things You Must Know

Are you looking to prepare for IELTS online? Read this blog till the end to discover amazing facts to ensure a good score at one shot. This is not among the toughest competitive examination, so you have more reasons than one to relax! Here we will discuss everything about the examination and how


How To Find The Best Science Tutor For Your Child: Step By Step Guide

Most of the parents solve this issue by hiring the best Science tutor for their

Sudipto Das

A Basic Guide To Online Tutoring – Let The Classes Continue From Distance

Online tutoring comes with a host of benefits. For example, You can be anywhere in the world pursuing any degree of your choice, but that would not stop you from teaching somebody in the opposite end of the world. Thanks to online tutoring, you can now host your lessons from even

Mar 26, 2020 Academics