Perks of A Chemistry Tutor In Singapore

Dec 07, 2020

Chemistry is so fundamental to our world, you cannot practically describe anything without involving chemistry.  In Singapore, there is a high demand for Chemistry tutor for both junior classes and higher studies. Chemistry is an interesting subject with an enormous career option, if you are good at the subject easily get top grades then not you can become a chemistry tutor but also there are vast career options for you in and outside of Singapore.

Qualification of a chemistry tutor

If you wish to become a chemistry tutor in Singapore you need to have a bachelor’s degree in the subject which reflects you have earned a college degree. However, the level of education as a chemistry tutor varies by state but a bachelor’s degree is basic. If you wish to teach college students you need to earn a Master’s degree.
Those who have completed higher degrees such as PhD and Doctorate have a higher chance of getting recruited by a college, university or similar educational organization.

If you wish to start your own Chemistry class online you need to create your tutoring profile mentioning all the credentials. Keeping in mind the current pandemic situation more parents are shifting towards online classes where they can monitor their kids. Learning and teaching from home comfort have become of top priority.
However, you need to have a teaching certificate before applying to jobs as a chemistry tutor.

Qualities of a good chemistry tutor

If you wish to become a chemistry tutor in Singapore you must consider having the following qualities which makes a good chemistry instructor:

1. Excellent communication skills

One of the most important features of a chemistry tutor is communication skill, the teacher must be able to communicate their feelings to the students so that they understand the subject better. Good commuination skills help teachers build a strong relationship with the students so that they can ask help from the instructors without any hesitation. A teacher must encourage questions from its students, at the end of a class or session if they willingly come to you to know more, consider it as an achievement.

2. Empathetic

Good chemistry teachers restrain themselves to judge any student, sometimes students have issues with organic chemistry as well as analytical and physical chemistry. As a tutor you need to make sure the student has a clear understanding of the basics, not all students are the same some are real quick at grasping things while some require more time and practice to bring their best. A good tutor should be patient and understand where to push and how to push to encourage the student for better performance.

3. Encouraging personality

In most cases, students try to imitate their tutors, so as a chemistry tutor you must possess a charming personality so that your students will feel motivated to learn the subject from you. You must be able to connect the subject with a real-life example so that the students can remember things easily.

4. Plan different lessons

A good tutor knows how to teach a single topic in multiple ways, so if a student struggles to understand a particular approach the teacher can come with something interesting. If you plan to teach online chemistry lessons you must plan different lessons according to the age-group and particular learning requirements of the students.

5. Evaluate the students

A good tutor must understand the potential of every student, you must know how to impart lessons to keep your student motivated so that they achieve a better grade in chemistry. This is why parents sometimes look for experienced chemistry tutors to help their child, you must know how to plan result-oriented lessons which can improve the performance of your students in a prescribed time frame. If you are teaching an A grade student you have to look for some of the weaknesses and how to help the student to overcome those.

6. Help them in better time management

Time management is one of the important skills that every student needs to learn, as a chemistry tutor you must make them understand how to work better to complete all the answers in the final examination. If possible try to push their boundaries appropriately, so that they understand how to perform better and how to ask help if they face any problem.

7. Show future career options

If you teach chemistry major students they will always be curious about their future, some students will ask you directly while some will just keep trying beating around the bush. Make sure you provide them satisfactory answers to fulfil their queries.

Chemistry Tutor: Job description and salary

As we have mentioned earlier that there is a high demand for Chemistry tutors in Singapore, you must know some of the job details of a chemistry instructor. If you check the famous job portals you will find the job details, in most cases, a Bachelor’s degree is required with at least three years of working experience in any educational institution. Sometimes the criteria require the teacher to take up IELTS test.

Sometimes the job description includes the grade details, it also mentions the positive attitude of the teacher. You must have your experience certificate if you wish to apply somewhere where previous experience seriously matters.

Salary would be mentioned per annum basis, sometimes if offers per hour charges. The job description sometimes clearly mentions the hours like “once a week, 2 hours per session”. Sometimes the description also mentions about part-time and full-time jobs, but a graduation degree is a must.

Benefits of a chemistry tutor

1. Pass subject knowledge to the students

As a tutor you can gain a lot of subject knowledge which you can pass to your students which is the primary objective of knowledge, you need to share them. Through tutoring, you can reinforce your knowledge and get updates regarding the latest changes and findings, which is to strengthen your in-depth knowledge and understanding.

2. Increase experience

If you continue teaching for longer it would help you gain more experience, renowned educational institutions always look for an experienced teacher to help their students. So, after getting three to four years of experience you can apply to various institutions for a secure and valuable position.

3. Acquire skills for career growth

Tutoring helps you gain multi-skills which are sometimes crucial for overall career growth, one of the worth mentioning is leadership quality. After a few years if you wish to change your profession these skills would be extremely helpful. As a teacher, you would also learn better time management and become patience. If you master these abilities you would get benefits throughout your life.

4. Work from home

Becoming a tutor means you can opt for work from home, now students, as well as parents, prefer online classes over traditional face-to-face teaching, not only because they want to monitor their kids' performance but also prefer learning from the home comfort. You need to have a strong internet connection and a smart device to connect with your students. This way you can save a lot of time and money on travelling.

5. Healthy income

Whether you are a full-time teacher or opt for part-time tutor jobs you can always earn additional cash which is great to meet your financial goals. You will always get students who need your help for a particular assignment and in most cases, they are ready to pay a hefty amount to complete their assignment on time.

How to get connected with students?

If you are planning to give lessons online or start your own coaching class you can register with online education platforms like myprivatetutor are one of the pioneers in dealing with students having learning requirement. We have a huge database of teachers and students, so getting students would be a matter of time. You would get students with multiple requirements like for a single project, to improve their grade, to crack competitive examination etc. Once your tutoring profile gets activated you will get multiple leads who are looking for your help.

How to become a chemistry tutor in Singapore?

Do you wish to become a chemistry tutor in Singapore? Great, sign-up with myprivatetutor and activate your tutoring profile. The sign-up process is much easier than you think, upload your credentials like qualification and experience certificate and mention grade and board for which you would like to get students. Also mention mode of teaching (online/ face-to-face/ both). Let our team evaluate your information, and connect suitable students to you.

The best part you can select your fees, hourly basis or session wise, we won’t interfere with it, the amount will be showcased on your profile for a better understanding of students and parents. However, we also welcome freshers to help our students, so you have more reason than one to sign-up with us.


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