Living As College Student in Singapore

Sep 14, 2021

Moving out of home to join college in another city can be a really exciting experience. You finally get the liberty to live your way, have a room or house of your choice, and be on your own to see the world. But with all the excitement, there also comes a challenge that not many students really think about beforehand.

During the college years, every student from outside the station faces the hurdle of keeping their precious belongings saved while they are gone back to their homes for the holidays. Chances are that when they will come back their house arrangements may change and therefore, taking all of the goods along to their home is almost impossible.

Hence, to help you in the matter, there comes an urgent need of renting out a self-storage space. There are companies like Space Next Door that offer students the facility with less paperwork and to convince you more on the matter, we have also come up with more reasons on how the decision can make your college life easy.

1. You Have A Quiet Place of Your Own

As a student, you know there are going to be very few chances that you would get to live alone in a house, dorms, or even in apartments. Most of the time you will have to bear a noisy environment which can eventually affect your studies and also personal peace.

So, when you rent out a self-storage space, you always have a place of your own where you can always go and study in silence or have “me time” as well to freshen yourself up.

2. A Place To Practice Your Hobby

College and university life is all about exploring yourself and that means you are going to work on a lot of hobbies that would require a space of your own. So, it doesn’t matter if you would like to have your own music band or you want to try out multiple sports, you will always have a place where you would be able to practice music with your fellow members in peace or store equipment related to your other hobbies as well.

Moreover, if you want to try out being on an entrepreneurial journey, you can always also use the extra self-storage space as your little office. It will all depend on your own idea of the place.

College Student

3. Extra Security

When you wish to go back home, you can always store anything you want in the self-storage unit as the companies that let you rent out their space offer high security and assure great safety for your goods as well. This means that you will get the keys of the unit with 24/7 access and there won’t be any way that someone would be able to break into your unit to steal things.

4. For Future Purposes

There comes a time when you finally have to leave the college dorms or apartments where you are living. But that doesn’t always mean that you would want to leave the city or you may even have bigger career plans that can only be fulfilled by living in the place where you have studied.

This is where again a self-storage unit can turn out to be your true savior as you can always go spend some days in them until you find a new job that pays you well enough to afford an apartment. Precisely, it will always serve to be your second home in the hour of need in the city.

5. They Are Less Expensive

If you compare the cost of putting your precious belongings at risk by leaving them in the dorm during your vacations or renting out an entire safe apartment with a self-storage unit then you will know that it is also a cost-effective option, along with great reliability.

In fact, students can always opt for self-storage units according to their needs and the rates will entirely depend on the requirements. So, students who would need it for storing old books or keeping luggage bags safe will get a small room for less money but they will enjoy the same level of security and other access benefits as mentioned above.

All in all, don’t waste your time and get one for yourself right away!

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