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Nov 18, 2020

Did you know the music of Singapore reflects multi-culture and multi-ethnic influences which play an important role in shaping the country’s cultural aspects? According to historical studies, Singapore does not have any native music but it has inspired from several musical traditions from the multi-cultured settlements of neighbouring countries. Singapore has a mixed population, the majority of which is Chinese and Malay but there are also Indians and neighbouring people present in smaller numbers. The main language of Indonesian music is Chinese and Malay, so the Singaporean music has a lot of influence from Chinese, Mala and the Indian music styles.

If you are a music enthusiast looking to learn Singaporean music you might find this article useful, it would not only provide an overview of Singaporean music but also discover multi-options regarding hiring the qualified music tutors of Singapore who can give you personalised music lessons within your home comfort. No matter whether you are an outsider or a permanent citizen of the country, with our uniquely customized music lessons you can easily learn the native music.

Types of the Traditional Singaporean Music

  • Chinese – Since the predominant population of the country if of Chinese clearly it has a Chinese influence over the music. According to studies Singaporean Chinese Orchestra was one of the pioneers in professional Chinese Orchestra in Singapore, so it has its own popularity among the music enthusiasts. Some of the instruments used in the orchestra are trumpets, gongs, flutes, fiddles, drums etc. Playing orchestra is an important part of the Singaporean culture, it’s a method to stay connected with each other as it reminds their roots. There are various institutions in Singapore give orchestra lessons if you wish to learn more about orchestra you can try hiring our experienced music tutors, who are the best music instructors of Singapore with proper qualification.
  • Malay – In Singapore you will find a vast population of Malay origin so it has its fair share in the overall musical culture, the Malay music is a mixture of styles from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Some of the famous Malay influenced Singaporean music forms are Dondang, Sayang, and Keroncong. Several Malay communities of Singapore are known for their opera performance, they have been attracting a huge crowd from the past few years.
  • Indian – Singaporean music has a huge influence of South Indian music such as Bharatnatyam fused with Chinese and Malay styles are practised in Indonesia. There are various Sikh communities living Singapore, Bhangra was sung in Gurudwaras which is performed Sitara or Harmonium. If you wish to learn Indian classical music in Singapore, sign up with us to get connect with the best-qualified music tutors of Singapore.

  • Peranakan – Peranakan is an early ethnic group, settlers in Indonesia descendent from Chinese, influenced by the Malay culture. Peranakan folk music together with English lyrics is one of the most famous genres of Singapore music.
  • Western Classical Music – Modern-day Singaporean music is the modified form of western classical music mixed with Chinese and Malay. This form of Western classical music was once extremely famous among European settlers. The above-mentioned music forms are basically ethnic from which various modern-day music bands have formed. If you wish to learn Singaporean music you can connect with an online education platform like MyPrivateTutor whose main objective is to connect students with qualified instructors, you will get instructors for multiple subjects from all over the country who are committed to impart knowledge to the students.

Why learn Singaporean music?

If you are a music enthusiast you probably know the reasons for learning not only Singaporean but also different forms of music, let’s take a quick look at some of them:

1. Learn a new language easily

Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, so if you learn the Singaporean music you will eventually get used to the grammar, punctuation and other tweaks of the language. Besides, if you practice Chinese music you can start communicating with various similar minded people across the globe, which means you can make a lot of new friends.

2. Improve your memory

Learning a new language would always help you improve your memory in more ways than one, music lyrics are easy to remember we try to remember it from our childhood. You probably forget the starting sentence of this article but you can easily remember your childhood lullaby because melody and rhythm are easier to remember than sentences. For learning the Chinese language you can get special benefit from the musical lyrics.

3. Expand your vocabulary

Learning different forms of music is a great way to expand your vocabulary as a wide range of words will be available through song. Rhythms and melody also help remember some of the words that you would learn from the song.

4. Get a broader cultural insight

Music is more like a cultural artefact, learning music will allow you to take a glimpse at the rich Chinese culture, society and relationship which is a valuable part in learning any new language.

From where you can learn Singaporean music?

If you wish to learn Singaporean music or any other musical form sign up with MyPrivateTutor which is one of the leading online education platform in Singapore with thousands of registered and qualified music instructors. We are backed by fantastic resources and tools which would make your music learning experience more exciting. With our instructors, you can easily learn various Chinese and Singaporean music styles. From lyrics sheet to translate tools, you will get the recent techniques tools and real-life lessons you can work on your basics seamlessly.

How to become a music tutor in Singapore?

If you wish to become a music tutor and have proper qualification sign up with us and create your tutoring profile. Let our student know you a bit, provide some of the necessary information like an overview about your career as a music tutor, if you are a fresher tell more about your interest in music and why students should choose you as their instructor over others. You can decide your own remuneration which will be showcased on your profile for the better understanding of students and their parents. You can also record a demo class or an introductory video for your students. So, sign-up with us now to start your career as a music tutor.

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