Learn How To Play The Violin In 7 Days: For Beginners

Nov 11, 2020

In this article, we will cover step-by-step all the resources you required to get started on the violin.  This not only includes the tips to play it but also how to care and maintenance tips and more to ensure speed up your violin learning process. Hiring an experienced violin tutor is unmatchable to get the first-hand experience especially for the beginners, but that’s not all! Scroll down to discover more.

Here, we go:

Step 1# Get Essential Equipment

In order to get started make sure you have the following equipment:

  • Purchase the right instrument- If you are a beginner make sure you purchase the right instrument if you are buying it for your child mention his/her age while buying so that you get the proper one with the perfect size.
  • Violin Bow – In most cases violin packages comes with a bow if you think you want to select your own violin bow to ask for assistance while buying.
  • Violin case – For beginners violin comes within a case, if not you have to purchase it separately. If you are trying to upgrade your violin case make sure you choose the correct material and size.
  • Beginner violin sheet music – without the proper music sheet it is difficult for the beginners to get started with violin.
  • Proper chair – make sure you have the proper chair to sit while playing the violin.
  • Violin shoulder rest – there are various types of shoulder rest for violin players make sure you choose the right one for you.

Step 2# Learn Beginner Violin Care and Maintenance

Now that you have all the necessary items to get started you must know how to take care of the instrument.

  • Keep the violin case clean – make sure your violin is free from dust and dirt while using, keep it packed while no in use.
  • Clean the strings every time after use – If you don’t clean it properly it might alter the clear sound of it, make sure there is no rosin dust in the body and strings of your violin.
  • Clear the violin bow – after a couple of use, make sure you clean your violin bow properly. You can buy some violin cleaning liquid from the market.
  • Never use alcohol – alcohol might kill the bacteria but it can damage the varnish of the instrument. If you wish to sanitize your violin you can use surface sanitizer safe for wood, make sure you wipe the instrument right after applying it.
  • Store the violin in a place with proper temperature and humidity level – use a humidifier if you are storing your violin in a cold place, make sure the wood doesn’t dry out so much, as it can cause brittle and cracks in the wood.
  • Keep the violin within the case while not in use – so that you can keep it away from dirt and dust.
  • Store the violin in a safe place – keep it away from children, make sure your violin is safe in storage, away from sudden shock and any chances of getting crashed.

For beginners all the above-mentioned tips would be enough to maintain your violin, however, an experienced music tutor might help you adding more useful tips on your regular violin care.

Step 3# Study Beginner Violin Lessons

Time to get some actual violin lessons, you can enrol to some free online violin classes or check YouTube videos to begin. There are various online training courses that would help you get used to with your instrument, so before going to a profession violin class, or hiring an experienced violin tutor you can check some of the free lessons to understand what it feels like playing with the instrument.

Step 4# Hire an Experienced Violin Tutor

If you are serious about learning piano lessons, you can hire a qualified violin tutor from an experienced online education platform in Singapore. If you wonder where to find a good violin tutor connect with MyPrivateTutor, one of the pioneers in online education. If you sign up with them, you can post your learning requirement after which the team will evaluate and connect the best tutors for you.

Step 5# Buy Beginner Violin Accessory

  • Extra violin string – always try to keep an extra violin string with you, otherwise while playing the instrument if one string broke you will be doomed unless you replace it, don’t let that happen to you.
  • Violin practises mute – If you think you are travelling a lot and need to practice within hotels or in public places you might not bother others with the loud sound of the instrument. You can use a violin practice mute to reduce the volume of the instrument
  • Violin tuner metronomes – one of the most challenge faced by beginners is to play in tune with the correct rhythm with a metronome which helps keeps things in rhythm.

Where to find the best violin tutors?

If you are looking for the best violin tutor for your child, check with an online education platform that provides good violin instructors. You can check MyPrivateTutor, which is one of the leading online education platform in Singapore with twelve plus years of experience dealing with certified tutors and millions of students.

They have a huge database of instructors for different subjects including maths, geography, science, computer, extracurricular activities like playing the violin, piano, guitar, learning dance, drawing etc. So, no matter what your learning requirements are you will get the best instructors. The team evaluates the credentials of the tutors like their qualification, experience, particular certification etc. they ensure you get the best tutors from your locality.

How to become a violin tutor?

Do you want to become a violin tutor? Great, sign-up with us and upload your credentials like qualification certificate, experience certificate as a violin tutor etc. so that the team can evaluate and activate your profile within less than 48 hours. You must be well versed about a musical theory regarding playing the violin, in order to teach violin in k-12 school, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in music or music education. Remember the team only allow qualified tutors to help the students. You can choose your own time slot, remuneration as well as the mode of teaching (online/ offline/ both), all these information will be showcased on your profile for the better understanding of students and parents.  So, if you wish to learn plating the violin within seven days, you know with whom to connect.

Wish to become a Violin Tutor in Singapore?

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Interested in learning the violin in seven days? Great give this article a read to know how to get started with the first lessons from an experienced violin tutor in Singapore. Also discover how to become a violin tutor easily and start teaching students.


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