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Feb 11, 2021

Are you a Chinese Cantonese tutor looking to make extra money from what you teach? Do you know in Singapore alone there are thousands of opportunities for Chinese Cantonese tutor? The symbol fascinated culture attracts more people from different parts of the world, learning Cantonese has become a real asset for the young generation. As a private tutor you need to know the ins and out of the teaching the language to students of various age group.  

Qualification of a Chinese Cantonese tutor

If you wish to become a Chinese Cantonese tutor you have to have a diploma in Cantonese even if you are a native speaker. It would be better if you have a teaching certificate. If you wish to teach Chinese Cantonese in school these credentials are important but if you want to get started with online tutoring, you can start anyways.

How to get started with Cantonese teaching

Most of the Chinese Cantonese students would expect you to guide them in the following ways:

  • To know which tone is perfect
  • How to count
  • What vocabulary to learn
  • How to write characters in Cantonese

You can either be a self-employed  tutor or can be a part of an online education platform, each organization has different sets of rules when it comes to hiring new teachers, they will decide whether you have to have a degree or certificate in order to teach their students. Sometimes individuals choose to become a private tutor to follow their passion and meet their ends., if you are looking to get teaching experience for the first time you might have to show your supporting credentials that will prove your abilities as a Chinese Cantonese tutor.

How to plan Cantonese lessons for beginners?

If you are looking to become a Chinese Cantonese tutor you must know how to plan your lessons not only for the beginners but also for the advanced age group. You have to focus on reading, writing, and speaking apart from listening.

For the students learning Cantonese might be intimidating at first, with proper guidance you can let the students get started with the language. However, for the beginners you can plan your lessons accordingly:

Cantonese Character System

As a Cantonese tutor, you need to give an overview of the Cantonese characters, like other Chinese languages Cantonese is a character-based writing system, where each character carries a bunch of meanings and not a sound.

Basically, there are two types of characters:

Traditional and Simplified

Simplified is the common one in Mainland China. Outside the Mainland like in Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan traditional set is still used. So, if you are planning lessons for your Cantonese students make sure you provide a broad overview of both types of characters.

Cantonese tones

What is the tone?

Like other Chinese languages, Cantonese is a tonal language, where the word’s meaning changes based on the particular pitch or intonation when you say it. Some characters represent different words in Chinese.

To put it simply, it is more like English. For example:
You’re not going to the cinema with Amy tonight.
You’re not going to the cinema with Amy tonight?
You’re NOT going to the cinema with Amy tonight!

Look at the three sentences and in what context they have used, same goes with the Cantonese characters. By giving pressure to a particular word can change the entire meaning of the sentence. As a Chinese Cantonese tutor you have to make the students understand how to use each tone (high, medium, and low) correctly.


Another important feature of Cantonese is to understand the massive amount of homophones correctly. Homophones are nothing but different words which have the same sound but meanings or spellings. The key to understanding the differences between each word is to know the right context to use them correctly.

Spoken vs written Cantonese

Native speakers don’t say Cantonese like it is written, the spoken form is different than the written one. The objective behind creating the standard writing system is to allow people from across the country to communicate with each other. In order to read the formal documents, you need to know the written language well, and for conversation purpose, you get to know the spoken type.

Basics of Cantonese grammar

Cantonese grammar is easier to learn than any other European languages, you need to know about some of the basic things like:

  • Expressing time in Cantonese
  • Particles
  • Asking questions in Cantonese
  • Cantonese measure words

Cantonese has no genders and no verb conjugation, a time phrase is used to start a sentence alongside with a particle, which plays an important role in the grammar. In Cantonese, the particles which are used at the end of the sentence to change the inflexion and meaning.

What are the must-have qualities of a Chinese Cantonese tutor?

As a Cantonese tutor, you must have a fair knowledge about the written and spoken form of the language. Besides you need to know how to plan the lessons correctly for each student, also remember not two students are the same, some are might smart and fast learner but some may require extra time and practice to bring their best.

A good Chinese Cantonese tutor must have the following qualities:

  • Proper knowledge
  • Enthusiastic
  • Empathetic
  • Patient
  • Great communication skills
  • Knows multiple teaching methods

To begin with Cantonese teaching you can sign up with an online education platform like MyPrivateTutor who will help you set-up your tutoring profile and provide students who are looking for your help.

What are the fees of a Chinese Cantonese tutor?

Experienced and passionate Chinese instructors can charge a minimum of $25 per hour, however, it can go up to $70. You can also charge on a project basis. If you are looking for a job as a Chinese Cantonese tutor, sign-up with MyPrivateTutor, the best online education platform in Singapore, where not only Cantonese you can teach any subject you want. The best part is you can choose your own fees!

Why choose MyPrivateTutor?

MyPrivateTutor is one of the leading online education platforms in Singapore backed by twelve years of experience in dealing with various learning requirements of students of all ages. Teachers here can choose their own fees which would be displayed on their profile for better communication with students and parents. Tutors can choose their own time slot according to their convenience. You can stop teaching anytime without giving a proper explanation and resume at any time. After completion of your lesson, students will pay which you will receive in your account right away. You can either choose online tutoring or one-on-one teaching based on which we will connect students with you.

Hat students will get from us?

  • Learn Cantonese online from anywhere you want
  • Connect with expert Cantonese tutors
  • Choose instructor from a large database
  • Live conversation with native Cantonese speakers
  • Tailor-made classes to meet your learning requirements

So, get in touch with now to learn Cantonese with the best Chinese Cantonese tutors in Singapore!


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