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Nov 21, 2020

Stress is a problem that any individual can be affected by without even realising, it can take a powerful toll on people’s health. Unfortunately, not many people know how to deal with their stress in a proper way. Dancing is one of the most effective ways to deal with stress and other mental health issues not only among children but also in adults.

You can prepare your health-dance routine after consulting your doctor or simply join online dance classes to get started today without stepping out of your home. You can also hire an online dance tutor to get a personalised lesson in a safe manner but before that give this article a read to understand how music and dance can keep us healthy?

How Stress can be a Serious Problem?

When people get stressed they tend to deal with it differently which impact on both the body and mind. Needless to mention, a high-stress level can be a sign of future problems in individuals who needs to address properly on time. There are various therapeutic techniques to reduce stress, for example, massage or acupuncture can be very effective, in today’s time people get stressed pretty often due to many things that include family, work-life, social life, relationship issues etc.

Stress that left unchecked can cause serious health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity etc. Going through some stress is pretty normal, sometimes we cannot able to find the source and think it nothing but a headache which can be treated with painkillers, but it’s better to avoid such medicines as these have huge side effects on our body. Stress can also lead some emotional problems like anxiety, depression, panic attack etc. If you think stress is taking a toll on your body and mind it is the high time you need professional assistance. Sometimes long-term stress issues lead the risk of heart attack, fertility issues, rapid breathing and many more. Sometimes psychologists and mental health experts refer to practising some mental exercises to deal with stress seamlessly; practising yoga, dance, music can also be helpful get back to a normal life.

Stress Development in Children

Stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to life experiences; everyone has a different set of response to stress. Your body also releases hormones in order to respond to stress which can help to cope with the emotion. If you let these stress level elevated for a longer period it can create serious health issues. When a child lives with toxic stress resulted from unhealthy family relations, neglect, abuse etc. they lack adequate support from adults, it sometimes alters the brain architecture very badly which leads to a weakened organ system. As a result, these kids suffer from multiple health and social problems.

Signs of stress among children:

Children who exposed to toxic stress for a longer period usually exhibit some of the following symptoms:

  • Poorly constructed executive functional skills
  • Poor self-regulation and self-reflection
  • Lack of impulse control
  • Poor coping skills
  • Poor stress management
  • Uncontrolled anxiety
  • More trouble learning at school
  • Poor health outcomes

There are hundreds of other ways to express stress, as a parent you must keep a strict eye on your child’s expression and interaction with others. It would be best if you let them practice some of the extracurricular activities like music, dance, drawing etc. which would help channelize their energy in a proper way. There are more programs to deal with stress among children from which they can benefit, rather than taking sessions from mental health experts it would be healthier to attend dance classes.  

Results of Music in the Body

Music is an art form of sound that help expressing ideas and emotions through elements of rhythm, melody and harmony. When you practice dance on a regular basis you have to work on your focus and control which is the first step of releasing stress, sometimes we become stressed because we cannot control everything in our life. The act of dancing can help us deal with the growing stress through a proper balance of external and internal forces.

Dance together with music has been shown to have various effects on our body, it can be used to increase the nervous system activity in the body which will relax our emotions. Sometimes doctors suggest dance therapy to get a grip on regular stress coupled with physical issues. Dance together with music can help reduce heart rate which would help achieve a relaxing state for both the body and mind.

How Dance can Help?

Dancing is more like am expression which individuals would not express in words, this is why most parents prefer to enrol their kids to a professional dance class so that they understand how to express themselves at an early age. They need to know how to relax their body and mind in order to keep them in a positive state. Certain physical activities like dancing, yoga, cycling, swimming etc. help us stay healthy by releasing necessary hormones from our body which is a great way to deal with stress.

Sometimes we keep aside the stress instead of dealing with it because it’s too much too handle. Well, dance is one viable solution, it does not take much effort to learn how to move your body along with some rhythm. Dance may reduce stress because it is not less than an exercise, when you repeatedly practice the same step for perfection you are indirectly working on your focus, it also helps you have better sleep.

Which dance form is the best?

Every dance form has its own merit, you can start learning Indian classical or contemporary. For you kid, you can try Jazz and Hip Hop, but if you are an adult looking to start semi-formal dance classes go for Zumba which is great for de-stress and weight loss, it also tone the entire body. You can start two to three days of practising on a weekly basis.

If your kid is a dance enthusiast you may hire a professional dance tutor to help them learn better and get personalised attention. If you think your child is flexible enough you can enrol them to ballet which is great for improving posture and balance, they will be used to exercise in a fun way which would keep their stress at bay.

How to choose the best online dance classes for your child?

If you wish to learn different dance forms from professionals you might check online education platforms like MyPrivateTutor, which has thousands of qualified dance tutors registered with them. If you sign up with us you will be able to see some of the best dance tutors profile together with other details like their experience, qualification, areas of expertise, fees etc. You can compare them and choose the one according to your need.

You can also ask our team to find a suitable dance tutor or dance class for you, we will evaluate your requirement and connect the best suitable instructor for you. You can sign up for more than one dance classes as per your need, we have provision for everything. We always put the students first, our team only provide the most qualified tutors to help our students, so you have more reason than one to join dance classes with us. You will get to learn different dance forms from the best instructors in the market.

How to become a dance tutor?

Do you want to become a dance tutor and get students for your dance class? Great, you have come to the right place, sign up with us to create your tutoring profile. It's super easy, fill in some details like your location, qualification, experience in your niche, the timing of classes, mode of teaching, expected remuneration, etc. All these details will be showcased on your profile for a better understanding of our students and parents. Other than dance, if you are interested in teaching any other subject you can also sign up with will be showcased on your profile.

What qualifications are required to become a dance teacher?

  • The basic qualification to become a dance teacher would be a Bachelor’s degree in performing arts and zeal for dancing activities.
  • You must be able to teach different dance forms and make your students understand the long term benefits of practising such dance forms.
  • You must have a leadership quality to manage your class, it must reflect in your personality otherwise the student won’t bother to listen to you.
  • You must have good communication skill so that you can listen to students different learning needs and help them accordingly.
  • You must be able to evaluate each of your students to plan your choreography lessons.
  • You must be able to research and develop new skills to provide your students with advanced knowledge.
  • You must be able to provide lessons and instruction online as various students are prefer for online dance classes.
  • You must be empathetic in nature as most parents look for that quality in their kid’s dance teacher.

If you think you have the following qualification, you can be a perfect fit as a dance teacher, you can register your dance classes with us so that we can provide students who are looking for your help. We only allow qualified tutors to help our students, so what you are waiting for? Sign up with us now!

Wish to become a Dance Tutor in Singapore?

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Do you want to know how dance can help you deal with your growing stress? Give this article a read to discover the hidden benefits of dance on the body and mind Also discover how to get connected with the best dance classes in Singapore.


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