How to Write a Great College Essay?

Jul 13, 2021

A college essay or the application essay is one of the most important factors (after the test score and academic records) at the time of admission. A well-crafted essay often smoothens the path of admission of the students to their dream institutes. Students are often confused about how to write a perfect college essay or how to begin this. Here are some tips for them:

Jot Down Everything 

Before you start drafting the application essay, figure out the things you need to include in it. You must have conducted research on the ideal structure or samples or things to be included. Write these as an outline before you start outlining the essay. 

In short, before writing your application essay, you have to plan your essay. Also, you must remember to stick to this plan. 

Follow the Instructions 

Applications essays often come with a specific guideline - do not forget to read the guidelines between the line and follow these at the time of writing. For example, the number of pages and word count are listed under the guidelines. It needs to be strictly followed; otherwise, the essay will create a bad impression of the student. 


Focus on the Beginning 

Beginning of any piece of writing needs to be good or better than the rest of the writing, especially the first sentence. This is not just the case of an application essay - for any piece of writing, the beginning needs to be compelling. 

You can take help from professionals or you can take online help for this purpose. In case you are not getting any kind of help, you must aim to keep the opening of your college essay simple and flawless. Correctness matters in everything - so maintain this. But to make it simple, stay away from making it a clichéd one. 

Answer the Questions the Authority May Have 

At the time of writing the college essay, the students need to focus on the perspective of the authority. They have to think about the possible questions the authority may have on his or her candidature. They have to address those questions in their essay. 

Use Good Vocabulary and Grammar 

Your college essay is your personal attempt to impress the authority - so, along with maintaining correctness, try to make your application stand out with a rich vocabulary. This will create an impression of the knowledge of the student and it will smoothen your path to that university. 


Focus on Correctness 

Correctness both grammatically and information-wise is very important in a college essay. So, keep your eyes on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence constructions. Also, revise the information you have listed in the essay. Make sure whatever information you have listed is correct too. 

Be Original

To make the application essay rich with vocabulary and grammar skills, some students make it unnecessarily complicated. Also, sometimes the impact of online sources is clearly visible on their essay, even after the essay is not plagiarized. 

For a good application essay, try to maintain your originality. Taking help from the online materials is not prohibited at all, but try not to reflect that in your essay. You can get inspired by some sample essay, but at the time of writing, don’t forget to maintain an original angle. Try to be original throughout the essay - maintain your originality in your choice of words, idea of writing, and everything else. 

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Avoid Repetitions 

In a college essay try to avoid repetitions as these create a negative impression. To avoid repetition, read the essay again and again. Be it a full sentence or example; beware of using it more than once. 

Edit and Proofread 

Once you are done with writing the essay, don’t forget to edit this after proofreading this. Proofreading will show a number of unnecessary words and phrases along with grammatical and structural errors. Before submitting this essay, don’t forget to remove the errors. 

At the time of proofreading, read as a reader. It will also indicate some better formations of the sentences. 

Write Several Drafts 

College essays need several drafts - so every time you edit the essay, write a fresh copy. It will help you in making the same mistakes again. 

Get Feedback from Professionals

Before submitting the college essay, at least get one professional to read your essay. It can be your high school teacher or your tutor. They can recommend you better edits to make the essay more impressive. So, get in touch with the professional and it will be great if you get more than one professional to check your essay. 

To sum up, planning is very important to write a college essay. Read the instructions before composing your essay. At the time of writing, be careful about the introduction, maintain originality, and edit your essay ruthlessly to make it an impressive one. You also have to ask professionals to go through this and suggest some edits. 


With a passion for writing, Rachita is in the field of content writing for more than 5 years. Here, she writes the blogs for MyPrivateTutor Singapore. Being a literature student, she has a strong addiction to reading as well. On a lazy day, she just needs a cozy setting and her favorite book or web series. 

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