How to Look For A Good Tutor for Online Tuition

May 21, 2020

The pandemic has forced many to adopt online platforms for teaching. However, there are inherent differences in learning online compared to receiving education in the traditional sense. A tutor who can deliver well face-to-face might flop on online tuition. Here’s are some tips to look for a good tutor for online tuition.

Tutors should be fully prepared before classes.

A basic expectation from parents is for the class to carry out smoothly and without hiccups. This means that major technological issues should be resolved even before the class begins. Also, since setting up for online classes might take some time, tutors should prepare for the content. beforehand. Time lost can be minimized if the invites are sent ahead of the classes and students can log in readily.

Questions and enquire that needs to be discussed can be emailed before the lessons. Tutors can mark the papers and go through the answers and workings with the students during class.

Use Suitable Platform

Using Zoom for online lesson have been raising some security concerns, especially when hackers can intrude mid-way into a video-conference and starts to zoombombing the classes. Furthermore, Zoom has restrictions to accommodate more than 2 people videoconferencing at once. Alternatives are present, such as Google Meet and WebEx. Google Meet has recently been made free for all to use.

Proper Tools

Teachers should also have the tools to illustrate the students the workings. It will be ideal for tutors to have a stylus and drawing pads so that they can annotate directly on the electronic devices. It is also preferred that teachers already have softcopy notes so that they can disseminate to the students.

Engagement with Students

Tutors should remain engaging, even if the lessons are not done on a face-to-face basis. With some tutors holding large classes, it is not hard to imagine that it will be extremely challenging to keep the attention of 30 students focused throughout the class. This problem is exacerbated if the students have varying learning capabilities.

This is because students can easily get distracted if the lessons are conducted online. This requires teachers to be creative. If needed, tutors can also share video clips of interesting science facts to engage the students. After that, tutors can discuss with the students what they think of the video they have seen,

Request for a Discounted Rate

Due to the perceived lower quality of tutoring, parents may request a discounted rate for the classes. Alternatively, you can also request for extra tutoring duration. Tutors normally will accede to the requests due to goodwill.

Finally, countries who have tutors conducted online lessons have this particular finding: What is interesting is that some students who are slower in learning start to perform better once they have more flexibility in the time they have to study Furthermore, they tend to improve attendance rates as well once they resume classes.

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