Can A Kid Learn Coding From A Programming Language Tutor?

Jul 22, 2020

Presently, lots of discussions and buzz are going on related to the importance of teaching coding to the school kids. There are few questions: Is coding necessary for children? Are there any benefit of teaching coding to kids? Can a child learn coding from a programming language tutor?

According to pedagogy, there are certain positive outcomes of teaching codes to children. Through coding, the kids can develop their problem-solving, algorithmic, creative, computational thinking and sequential skills. The level of development varies depending on the age of the children. For example, coding skills of a child who studies in 3rd grade is not same as the child who studies in 9th grade.

Certain companies that offer valuable resources for children who learn to code have put down a recommended age range for their coding lessons. They have agreed to the fact that the curriculum may not benefit the younger students as it can do for the older ones.

What is the ideal coding language that a programming language tutor can teach to kids?

So far, Python is considered as the most popular language that can be taught to kids. As per the expert programming language teachers, Python is relatively easy to learn. Plus, it has varied uses. One can use it for website and game development. Python is object oriented. It indicates that the developed computer program is produced out of certain objects interacting with each other. A suitable example is Coding Adventure of CodeMonkey. It uses CoffeeScript. It is not so familiar, but is extremely useful. Besides, it is very simple to learn. The kids learn to program the monkey which is the object to fetch the banana which is another object.

Benefits of coding that students of different ages avail:

Preschool to Kindergarten:

Here, students learn from their mistakes and their problem solving skill is developed. The programming language tutor teach coding that strengthens the preschool and kindergarten goers’ ability to learn and recover from non-success. It is because making mistakes while coding is allowed and free. Children can always delete the steps and try again until they become successful.

There are facilities of reading out loud, and non-readers can learn coding by listening and following. In this way, they can learn crucial problem solving skills including identifying the way to move an object on the screen amidst various hurdles.

Elementary School:

Usually, the kids who are ten year olds study in elementary school. At this age, they prefer to exercise independence via accomplishing their projects on their own without any programing language tutor’s help. For example, if we take Meet the Game Builder from CodeMonkey, it has been observed that the 4th graders aka the elementary school goers are extremely thrilled about this particular platform. It is because they can experiment and create on their own.

Middle School:

At this stage, the children learn math skills including algorithmic thinking from the programming language teacher. They came to know the way to strategize which formula can be used to various other instances so that quick solutions can be availed for different problems.

The students of middle school belong to the ideal cognitive stage. They are capable of utilizing their skills completely. The students can learn computational thinking via coding. This helps them to recognize data patterns. They can behave systematically like the behavior of a computer. Again, coding helps the middle school students to understand logic in a better way along with the significance of sequencing and orders of commands are. The kids can perform better in mathematics and reading grades.

High School:

At this stage, the students learn to master the coding skills. They are made ready to pursue AP Computer Science after they board high school. The students who study AP Computer Science have an edge over their fellow students in Statistics, AP Calculus examinations, etc. The programming language tutor equip these learners with the latest updated skills that have a big role in professional field.

The development of the skills of computer science is subjective to the progress of individual learners. The time dedicated for the completion of coding course is also taken into consideration. The benefits of coding also rest on the criteria whether a school allows coding classes or not. However, it is proved that a kid can learn coding from a programming language tutor in school.

Sudipto Das

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