How To Hire A Chemistry Tutor in Singapore: Get Useful Tips From Home Tutors

Aug 28, 2020

Do you like Chemistry more than other subjects and require proper help to fulfill your learning requirement? Great, give this article a read to find how to hire an experienced Chemistry tutor, discover more about private tutors in Singapore. Due to the pandemic, the entire education sector has been shifted online, now most of the schools, colleges, universities, and other educational organizations have their own online channel where they connect their instructors with the students for an uninterrupted educational experience.

Under that situation if you think of hiring an online chemistry tutor for your child, give the full article a read, it will not only help you find the most suitable online educator but also gives you different perspective reading online education and your child's needs.

Before we dig deep about chemistry tutors, let us find some reasons for which you must say yes to this exciting subject.

Why Study Chemistry?

Chemistry is the study of matter and energy, their different forms and kinds of interaction between them. Even if you are not thinking of making a career in science, still you must learn chemistry since it is everywhere in the world, from what you drink to what you wear, from your environments to your medicines, air, cleanser, room freshener, perfume and you name it. Sometimes chemistry is also termed as "central science" since it connects almost all other sciences together like physics, mathematics, biology, environmental science, etc. Here our team highlighted a few major reasons for which you must learn chemistry.

  • Chemistry helps you understand the world around you much better, especially among children. While growing up kids often think why do leaves change color, why butter changes its form after going to the pan, what is the connection between water, vapor, and ice, how cheese is made, how soaps are made, etc. All the questions can be answered through chemistry, especially applying chemistry.
  • Basic chemistry knowledge also helps you in understanding the product labels, you must know some of the abbreviate forms and those basically means so that you can purchase the right product for yourself and for your family.
  • Knowledge of chemistry is very important to make informed decisions, like whether the product will actually help you get better or it's just a scam. If you have basic knowledge about how chemistry works, you will be able to understand the difference between reasonable expectation and pure fiction
  • If you are interested in cooking you must understand the basic chemistry like the chemical reaction involved in baking or neutralizing acidity or how thickening process works etc. which help you become a better cook.
  • A command of chemistry will help you and your family safe; it gives you an idea of which household chemicals are safe to use under what prescribed conditions so that you can avoid danger easily.
  • Chemistry also teaches important skills like how to solve various household problems; you will smartly objectify different situations with more logical sense.
  • Chemistry helps you understand various current events that regularly take place around you like news about pollution, how you can contribute to minimizing the effect, why oil price vary from country to another due to a different currency and environmental reasons, it also helps you understand the technical specification of different electronic gadgets like the functioning of the refrigerator, or air conditioner, etc.
  • Chemistry knowledge makes you smart with less mystery in life where you can explain more or less every situation with your knowledge and cognitive abilities since it explains how things work.
  • Learning chemistry is much fun, besides you can make a lot of career options with basic to advanced levels of the subject. Chemistry applies to the food industry, retail sales, homemaking, baking, transportation, pharmaceuticals, etc. Doing chemistry projects are one of the most interesting applied science projects like glowing in the dark, changing colors, changing forms, produce bubbles, change states, etc.

Why do You Need a Good Chemistry Tutor?

If your child loves Chemistry and shows interest in making a career out of it, as a parent, you must encourage and help them to do so. You can hire a good chemistry tutor with relevant experience so that your child gets the exact help they require. Nowadays, new-age parents understand their child's learning needs and how those can be fulfilled with smart technologies. There are various online education platforms near you, among which you can select one as per your requirement and search for chemistry tutor or chemistry home tutor, of your child is comfortable in online learning look for online classes and if you want a private tutor for chemistry who will be able to impart subject knowledge face to face search for it too.

Check the tutor's basic credentials like his/her experience, qualification, check with your child's education board, if possible chat with the tutor to know anything g particular. Now in the pandemic situation parents and teachers both prefer online education, so hiring a certified one would be a real help for your child. The tutor must be patient and encourage your child to learn chemistry independently; he/she must be able to solve all the problems that arise while learning a new concept or a new chapter. You must be able to check your child's academic progress with the help of mock tests. A home tutor is just like an extra hand for your learning help, if your child gets an extra hand so that he/she can learn complex things more easily.

Traditional Teaching Vs. Online Tutoring

Sometimes, while thinking about your child's future and career you might be thinking that how you can help him/her better so that they can score well if you are confused between online teaching and traditional teaching then read this section of the article which aims to help you in better understanding about your child's learning requirement.

Benefits of Traditional and Face to Face Teaching

Traditional teaching is unmatchable to provide first-hand help to the students. In a classroom setting together with forty other students, it is not always possible to take care of each student, for that some students might lag behind when it comes to completing the syllabus. If your child is struggling with his/her chemistry syllabus help them with private tutors who can provide some extra attention to understand the subject better. A private can be a helping hand for your kid and will take good care of his/her learning requirement.

Also, with private tutor your child can learn at their own pace, if they are smart they can stay ahead from their syllabus, similarly, if they are shy, introverted, and facing some learning difficulties can take their own time to bring the best out of them. In most cases, parents struggle to find a suitable private tutor for their child, ask the recommendation of their friends and family, still didn't get the exact match for their child. Now, with the help of online education platforms, you can select a perfect private tutor for your child. You can not only see the teachers' credentials but also their way of teaching so that you understand whether that tutor will be suitable for your kid.

Benefits of Online Teaching

Online teaching is one of the smartest options available for today's smart kids. Most of the kids do good with smart devices like smartphones, laptops, desktop, tablet, etc. so if you connect them with online classes, they will learn faster and better. With online education platforms, you can select online chemistry to tutor to fulfill the special learning requirement of your child. Besides, your kid can learn from home comfort, which is one of the safest options available today. So if you think you require an experienced chemistry tutor for your child, sign up with us to post your learning requirement, evaluating which our team will connect the best chemistry tutors with you. You can check their experience, qualification, expected remuneration, and other important details, you can also book a free demo class to understand the teacher better.

Where to Find an Experienced Chemistry Tutor in Singapore?

If you are looking for online chemistry tutors in Singapore, sign up with us and post your learning requirement. Mention a few details like your child's grade, board, the requirement (full-time/ for a project/ for competitive examination/ college semester/ particular chapter, etc.) so that our team can understand your requirement and connect the best chemistry tutors to you. We only provide certified and qualifies instructors to help our students so if you choose our tutors you can ensure your child will get the best treatment that he/she requires to score well in that particular subject. The sign-up process is much easier than you think, so start searching for an online chemistry tutor now!

How to Start your Career as an Online Chemistry Tutor?

If you are interested in teaching chemistry, sign up with us, and create your tutoring profile. Mention your qualification and experience as a chemistry tutor, so that our team can activate your profile and connect students with you. You can opt for either online training or face to face teaching depending on your availability and interest. We have the most flexible timing slots for our part-time instructors, which can be better if you earn while helping the students. You can teach with us without stepping out of your home as we will bring the students to you.

We are one of the pioneers in online teaching having twelve plus years of experience in the field, so if you choose to become a tutor with us, you will get endless genuine leads throughout the year. You can record an introduction of you mentioning your teaching style, and students should take tuition from you instead of other tutors. To attract more students, you can offer a free demo class so that they will understand your way of teaching and zeroed down to you as a chemistry tutor.


Discover how you can hire an experienced online chemistry tutor in order to help your child in better learning. Also, discover what the are must-have qualities in your chemistry tutor and why you must help your child with the subject.


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