How To Find The Best Violin & Piano Tutors Near You: Everything You Need To Know

Apr 16, 2020

Are you looking for the reasons to play the violin or piano for yourself or for your child? Great, you can check our range of online violin tutors and piano tutors for quick learning of these incredible musical instruments. Parents must encourage their kids to play multiple musical instruments like Piano and violin, which will boost their confidence. If you randomly ask any of your friends, which instrument is easiest to play, and what would they pick if given an option? Most of them will tell the piano or violin.

There is a myth among people that: Violin is very hard to play, or playing the piano is a matter of costly affair. However, you will be surprised to discover there those are not only wrong but if you learn how to play the piano or violin, it will impart a hand full of physical as well as mental benefits. You just need to select the right tutor and right instrument, that's all.

What are the benefits of playing the violin and piano? Ready to be surprised!

As a parent, if you think playing violin or piano is nothing but a waste of time, you need to rethink now. These instruments play a vital part in growing someone's overall personality. Not only for children, teens and adults can also learn piano, violin and other musical instruments to boost their self-confidence at any point in their lives. Studies show that playing instrumentals like a violin, piano, guitar, etc. improves mental health. Playing them for an hour every day can enhance self-esteem, make one feel more confident and positive. Research also shows it can reduce blood pressure, especially in adults and young adults.

Spilt Concentration: Dived Attention

Do you know one of the most integral parts of playing the piano is the spilt concentration that sometimes also referred to as divided attention; it will strengthen the concentration skill. To play the piano or violin, one must use both the hands and listen to the particular notes they are playing. It may seem a lot to do at once. But once you will adept at using the divided attention, you will be able to rediscover your multi-tasking skills in other works improves gradually. Yes, you can thank your Piano teacher or your violin tutor for that!

Easy To Play

Unlike other musical instruments, the piano and violin are easier to play. Playing them does not involve any kind of physical pain; it's just the mental strength and courage. When you start playing the piano for the first time, you may think your hands and ears are not synchronizing as your teacher wants. But after some time of practising, you will be habituated and gradually become a pro at operating them with perfect rhythm. Violin is much easier to play than a brass or a woodwind instrument, as you must learn how to use your facial muscles and lips to create a particular sound. Both are equally painful, in contrast to that if you try to play the violin you just need to hold the instrument properly. The weight of the instrument also depends on the age of the player; however, it has a lesser connection with the advancement. In order to play the piano, one just has to sit and press the keys according to the music.

Enhance Neuroplasticity

The simple sounds of violin, piano, and other musical instruments help in recognizing synaptic connections. To put it simply, neuroplasticity is the potential of the brain to modify the form and function accordingly, especially when stimulated by some physical activity. Playing these instruments brings positive changes to the brain. Studies show music stimulates the brain more effectively than any other activity. Experts call it 'Music Therapy' which adds a healthy neural connection. So while you are thinking you are playing a tough note on piano you also improving your attention, memory, language, reading skills, especially maths, you can even get the ability to convey emotions vocally.

Improve Test Scores

Practising the violin, piano and other musical instruments at an early age can enhance structural changes that provide a long term effect. Studies show grade students who are taking piano lessons develop spatial cognitive ability than those who are not taking music lessons. It also shows, children with piano and violin playing ability can remember 20% more vocabulary words than others.

What is the ideal age of playing the violin and piano?

There is no particular age limit to learn piano or violin. If you are a music enthusiast, you can learn them at any point in your life. According to many, childhood is the ideal time to learn music, but this is not a proven truth. So many people found their talent late in life, for example, in their teenage or in the late '50s. Whenever you feel the zeal just go for it, you will find a range of online piano tutor and violin tutor near you. So if you are thinking you want to learn musical instruments search for them now!

Advantages of Learning Violin and Piano for children

A young child often feels enthusiast learn violin or piano or any other musical instrument; they should be encouraged by their parents to proceed with their hobbies. The physical, mental, and personal development is unmatchable. Here we have highlighted a few benefits of learning piano and violin for children, let's discover those-

  • Improve Memory and Attention - Till date, there are various studies that have conducted on the advantages of playing the piano, violin or some other musical instruments. So many of them revealed that learning to play a musical instrument has a close connection with memory and attention improvement. 
  • Better Mental Function - Experts suggest musical training enhances reading skills among children, not only that it also helps in language processing along with a range of other brain functions. Children with psychological disorders can get real help from learning musical instruments like violin, piano, guitar, etc. 
  • Sensory Development - Long term music training has a broader impact while integrating sensory information from touching, listening, seeing, etc. 
  • Social Skills - The advantages of playing the violin and piano are also social. Other than personal development, your child will be able to develop self-discipline from repeated practice. If they can control these musical instruments, they will also learn how to control their emotional ups and downs i.e. better self-control.

Advantages of Learning Violin and Piano for Teens 

Those who didn't get the chance to start early can start at any point in their lives. If your child is on his/her teenage and expressing interest in learning the violin or piano, they must be encouraged. It can be a great option for their extra-curricular activities. 

  • A Sense of Possessing – So many adolescents, get help from learning the piano or violin because of its sense of possession. Playing the violin requires a group of attention, coordination, and communication. That can be a relief for the child from the regular school curriculum or other social pressure, no matter good or bad. 
  • An Emotional Channel – Music classes, provide the students to perform and communicate with their emotional patterns. Getting appreciation from parents and teachers to improve their self-confidence and emotional balance in younger children and teens. 
  • More Career Option – proficiency in playing musical instruments can offer a new career opportunity. They can peruse it as their alternative career option. 

Advantages of Learning Violin and Piano for Adults

Adults can get a range of benefits from learning piano, violin, and other musical instruments. Some of the worth mentionings are- 

  • Reduced Stress – Many adults suffer from great anxiety because of their regular life stress, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. which results in poor spine conditions, pain-inducing posture, high blood pressure, and other mental illness. Playing the violin and/or piano can improve the mental health and their postures dramatically. With the correct musical instrument, people can start experiencing those benefits faster than anything else. 
  • Better communication –sometimes, we struggle to communicate with others but cannot proceed because of so many reasons. They can try to communicate through their music; it is a great alternative.  

What are the must-have characteristics of your Violin tutor and/or Piano tutor?

If you are looking for a perfect violin teacher or piano tutor for your child or for yourself, don't forget to check the following qualities in them: 

Qualification – before selecting a violin tutor or someone to teach you the piano, you must check their qualification. There is no point to proceed without a proper credential. You can ask your music teacher to show his/her qualification certificate. 

Passion – While talking or chatting with your violin tutor check how passionate he/she is about the instrument. It must reflect in their personality, and you must be able to smart to recognize it. 

Confidence – Your piano tutor must be confident about his/her experience and qualities. Remember, the entire success depends on a lot of things. 

Experience – Before zeroed down to a piano tutor or violin teacher, you must check his/her experience in playing a particular musical instrument. 

Caring – your music teacher must be caring in nature; otherwise, it will be difficult for you to learn. You may face trouble to learn a particular note or something without a caring teacher. 

Flexibility – flexibility is very important while you are learning anything new, especially the violin, piano or any other musical instrument. Your music teacher must be flexible in nature and must not push you to learn beyond your natural limit. 

Timing – Ask your music teacher about the timing as in the duration of the class, so that you can be better prepared. If you want any change, it's better to discuss it before. 

Fees - don't forget to ask your music teacher about the fees, it's very important that you can afford the classes. If not you better be looking for some other options as you will find so many online violin tutor near you. 

Demo class – last but not the list, how about getting a demo class before selecting your violin tutor? If you are looking for a demo class (backlink, if applicable) you will get many in today's online teaching platforms. 

How To find the best Violin tutor and/or Piano tutor near you?

If you are looking for the best online violin tutor or a perfect teacher to learn piano easily, you can get your requirements covered with our team. Finding the best piano tutor is easier than ever before. After Sign up, you will be able to see a lot of music teacher's profiles from which you can select your favourite one easily. After getting the demo class and your particular requirement to be fulfilled, you can pay for the lesson or to the teacher through our most trusted platform. All the tutors are qualified to teach violin and/piano to students irrespective of the ages and standards, so learning piano and violin is absolutely easy.


Are you looking for the best violin tutor or qualified piano teacher for yourself or for your child? End your search here read the article to know why you should learn piano and violin and how can you get the best tutors in just a click!


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