How to Establish As A Good Geography Tutor Easily

Feb 19, 2021

You must have a fascinating body language to become a geography tutor apart from having all the necessary qualifications. Becoming a teacher seems easier in this online education scenario, especially in the post-pandemic where everyone encouraged to learn from their home comfort. As a leading online education platform, we got tons of requirements from students who are looking for qualified tutors to get help with their studies. We receive hundreds of requests from individuals who wish to become an online private tutor, that makes the entire selection process more difficult.

Most of the online education platforms claim that anyone with a subject knowledge may become an expert and start teaching right away but in reality, qualification is not the only criteria students are looking for in a teacher. For subjects like geography teachers must be able to plan their lessons to meet every student learning requirement with ease. If you wish to become a geography tutor you must have a good evaluation skill which will help you understand each student’s learning abilities with ease.

Read this article if you are thinking of becoming a geography tutor that students would love. Here our geography experts put their valuable insights into some of the most asked questions by the candidates who are looking to become a geography instructor. Scroll down to discover,

Qualification of a geography tutor

Your qualification of becoming a geography teacher depends on which grade you want to teach, and which organization you are teaching. To put it simply:

Junior school geography tutor

  • A bachelor’s degree with geography one of the subjects.
  • A state teaching certificate (optional)
  • Experience certificate as a teacher (optional)

Senior/higher-secondary geography tutor

  • A bachelor’s degree with geography one of the subjects.
  • A master’s degree in geography
  • A state teaching certificate
  •  Experience certificate as a teacher

Online geography tutor

  • A bachelor’s degree with geography one of the subjects.
  • A master’s degree in geography (optional)
  • A state teaching certificate (optional)
  • Experience certificate as a teacher (optional)
  • Freshers can also apply.

Essential qualities of a geography tutor

Geography tutors are no different than other subject experts, you might have already read tons of articles pointing must-have qualities of a geography instructor, some of the major qualities are:

1. Passionate

Teachers with passion inspire students in more ways than one, they get engaged students with the learning process. A teacher’s passion is something that always keeps the students encouraged to study more, as a geography tutor if you are teaching your students something, makes sure they get the whole of it. In reality, teachers sometimes forced to teach things outside of their core interest, how well you are handling that part will make you a good teacher than a just a geography tutor.

2. Extreme subject knowledge

Geography is one of the most fascinating subjects, the challenge is making your students feel that way. You must have a great subject knowledge to keep your students interested, your knowledge should inspire the students to dig deeper. High-quality teaching is depending on knowing the structure and sequencing of complex concepts into simpler. Developing factual knowledge is essential to have holistic development of pupils. Lack of subject expertise can put you behind, so if you are thinking of applying for tutoring jobs make sure you have enormous subject knowledge.

3. Exceptional communication skills

Communication skills are extremely important for teachers to understand the capabilities of students, teachers communicate more knowledge verbally make sure your students listen to you to ease up their learning process. Teacher with poor communication skills may cause the failure of students to learn and promote their academics. You must be able to provide comprehensive knowledge carrying information about a particular topic.

4. Excellent evaluation skill

Evaluation is an integral part of developing a successful academic program, from time to time if you develop programs that serve the learning need of every student it would help them achieve a better grade. Moreover, no two students are the same, one is might prompt and smart while the other one might require more time and practice to bring their best. As a teacher, you must know how to help students with different learning needs.

5. Good with maps and graphs

Map reading and map drawing are some of the most important skills that students will learn in geography. Before teaching them how to read maps, make them understand the importance of reading maps. They contain a lot of information about a particular geographical area, it uses symbols and lines to show various features like rivers, roads, mountains, cities etc. All those symbols help us visualizing the ground even if we don’t visit places physically, that is the beauty of maps. With maps, you can measure the distances between one place to the other, so as a geography teacher it would be your responsibility to make your students understand the important map skills which are considered as a foundation skill to get good with geography.

6. Tech-savvy

As a good geography teacher, you can’t afford not knowing the new-age teaching methods, you must how to plan lessons and provide instructions online, you must have a fair knowledge about tools that are used in the field trips to collect and store data apart from other technical skills. You might be required to host a webinar, take online classes, communicate with parents and students online as a responsible geography teacher.

7. Fair knowledge of practical aspects of geography

You must be able to provide knowledge about practical aspects of geography, like how they can establish themselves as a geography expert in different fields like as a groundwater engineer, environment specialist, a location analyst, pollution analysts, soil conversationist and many more.

8. Plan lessons carefully

While planning the curriculum make sure you plan your lessons in a way your students will get the best of the subject. Your lesson planning should encourage all the students in the class to know the subject from a different perspective.

9. Push students to bring their best

Good instructors know how to push their students to achieve their best without exchanging harsh words. If you wish to become a geography teacher you must understand the capabilities of your students and how to bridge their learning gaps to improve their scores.

10. Show future paths

Great teachers are known for their knowledge about the prospects of students, if you are a great evaluator you must understand the potential of your students and communicate the possibilities to encourage more.

Process of becoming an online geography tutor

Thinking of becoming a geography tutor? Make sure that you have the necessary qualification to help your students with the study. If you are thinking of applying in junior school a bachelors degree in geography would work. Similarly, for higher secondary school a masters degree would be required along with a state-teaching certificate. You can also have a diploma in teaching for increasing your chances of getting a good job in a reputed educational organization.

After acquiring the qualification, you can share your CV with the schools that are looking for geography tutors, so that they know your interest in becoming a tutor and work in their organization. You can apply for an internship in various organizations looking for geography teachers.

You can also sign-up with online educational platforms like MyPrivateTutor to get started as an online private tutor. They are one of the pioneers in online teaching, having experience of more than twelve years, throughout the year thousands of students hire qualified tutors from the platform and get help with their studies.

Once you upload your credentials like qualification and experience you can create your own tutoring profile. You can decide your method of teaching (online/offline/both), preferable location for one-on-one teaching, preferable grades you want to teach and your expected fees, all will be showcased on your profile for better understanding of the students and their parents.

So, becoming a geography tutor is easier than you could imagine.


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