How to Convince Parents to Hire You As Home Tutor?

Mar 20, 2021

Working as a home tutor has become a full-time job for a huge number of qualified people, but the start of their journey may not always be very smooth. The inexperienced candidates are not much preferred as a home tutor. The fresh tutors who are about to begin their journey as a home tutor has to prove them and they do need to convince the parents.

If you are also one of these fresh tutors and finding out how to get a home tuition job, you have arrived at the correct place. Get the tips on how to convince the parents and start a job as a home tutor here:

Register on a Reputed Platform

Parents hire home tutors for their children from the reputed platform. Therefore, to maximize your chance of selection, register your name with the most reputed platforms. You can register with MyProvateTutor to enhance your chances od getting selected as a tutor. 

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Highlight all Your Educational Details

As you do not have any experience to showcase here, you have to focus on your educational qualification. Do not miss to add your achievements and specializations, along with the pass-out year. 

These will help the parents to understand that you are in touch with the curriculum and exam patterns. As a result, they will believe that you are capable of providing good tuition even though you do not have any experience.

Add a Demo Video 

Your profile will be considered with importance if you can put a demo video of teaching on your profile. This has to be a very short video showcasing your skills, knowledge, and ways of handling the tutees. 

In this video, make sure, you are creative (not-bookish) with the lessons and gentle with the tutee. 

Ask Parents for Virtual Discussion For Free

To convince the parents, one of the most important factors is to have a discussion with the parents. In this discussion be prepared to face a few awkward questions like “you don’t have any experience, will you be able to teach?”

Instead of speaking about the experience, you can discuss your lesson plan on how you are planning to cover the syllabus and what will be your daily do-ables. These will show your confidence to the parents and they will be convinced that you are capable enough to handle their children.

parent tutor conference

The fact is parents will have different questions – but you have to handle or avoid these questions smartly and focus on your areas. You can also offer a free demo class for 30-45 minutes to check your capabilities on the platforms. 

Attend the Workshops and Watch Tutorials on Teaching Techniques

You can find a number of online forums that train the tutors and offers good exposure to them. Also learn the latest teaching techniques from different YouTube channels. You will get a handful of tips from these. While making a video or having a face-to-face discussion with parents use these tips to have a good impression. 

Maintain a Strong Social Presence

For inexperienced candidates, it will be really good to maintain a strong presence over social media. Having a strong social media presence not only means “like”, “share” and “comment”. Rather, you need to stay updated with the latest information from the respective boards. 

Do share the latest news on education – it will reflect that you know about the latest changes on exam pattern and scoring system along with the updates on education policies. 

Understand the Rates 

Home tuition rates may differ based on subjects, hours of tuition, and areas. So be sure to tally the rates before claiming yours. It will be good to keep your tuition rate in-line with the current rate. 

Ask Your Friends and Relatives

While working as a tutor, reference is very important – for this, you need to ask your friends and relatives to contact you in case they are in need of a tutor. 

Apply as Online Tutor

Along with applying for home tutor jobs, do apply as online tutors. This is because you can teach only the local students as a home tutor, while you can teach students of different areas as online tutors. You can become a tutor by registering with us. 

Online tutor


The parents are always in search of experienced tutors for their children because they believe the tutors can only offer the best tuition. Inexperienced ones are not capable of doing the same! This is definitely a misperception. But till date, fresh tutors struggle a little bit to get their first tutee, but these tips can lessen the struggle to a great extent. 


If you are about to start your journey as a home tutor, you need to know the ways of convincing the parents. To get hired as a home tutor, you need to be available to the parents and answer their queries satisfactorily. 


With a passion for writing, Rachita is in the field of content writing for more than 5 years. Here, she writes the blogs for MyPrivateTutor Singapore. Being a literature student, she has a strong addiction to reading as well. On a lazy day, she just needs a cozy setting and her favorite book or web series. 

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