How Piano Lessons Can Be Used To Help Anxious Children

Nov 05, 2020

If you are a parent of an anxious child looking for an effective way to deal with your child’s obedience issue, we can understand your frustration. But gladly you have come to the right place since here we will discuss the natural benefits of piano lessons for emotionally disturbed children. This form of creativity can be used as a therapy to help children with better communication and emotions. In order to leverage the true potential of piano tunes, you must let your child learn from a qualified piano tutor who has experience in dealing with children emotional issues.

What is Music therapy? How piano learning is connected?

Music therapy is defined by the prescribed used of music to deal with psychological, physiological, emotional, cognitive (or social) and educational issues. However, it must be applied by a qualified person who has proper knowledge and certification on especial skills of music therapy.

The piano is considered as one of the essential instruments in music therapy, the musical personality of the piano has an enormous capacity to deal with emotional issues especially among children. Each instrument possesses an especial character which sometimes called as “the musicological personality” that includes the attributes of the instrument like its sound, timbre, size etc. The piano can affect on our bodily psychomotoric impulses which help to add psychodynamic meanings of children to deal with emotional hazards. So, if you think your child has obedience issues, cannot control his/her temperament in certain times you must introduce piano lessons to them.

Emotional effects of the piano on mental health

1. Help explore emotional boundaries

Playing the piano on a regular basis can help the child in exploring the boundaries between “self” and “others”. For a child it is necessary to understand the self-understanding to oneself better, it also helps channelize the emotional outcome. So, if your child is an anxious one you can let them learn piano which is considered as one of the most dominant instrument when it comes to therapeutic value.

2. Improve self-esteem

Playing the piano gives a sense of achievement which would give the child extra confidence. After playing a new tune on its own the child will understand his/her own potential which means improved self-esteem, they will show additional interest in doing other things in their life.

3. Improve mental health

Studies show that spending sometimes playing the piano can improve mental health among children. So, instead of trying to control your child’s disobedience issues with strict rules let them play the piano regularly at least for an hour. Hire an experienced and certified piano tutor who will understand your child’s emotional issues and plan piano lessons accordingly.

4. Calm the mind

If your child spends some times at the keywords experience less anxiety and depression issues. They will understand how to deal with self-emotion. Piano lessons are recommended by music therapists to deal with Attention Deficit Disorder, so you have more reason than one to hire a professional piano tutor for your child.

5. Release stress

Playing the piano is a great source of releasing stress, as a leading online education platform in Singapore we have talked with many parents who claim to play the piano helped their children to deal with emotional outbursts. Reduced anxiety improves positive hormones in the body which keeps you happy and active throughout.

6. Enhance aural awareness

If your child has a natural ear for music playing the piano can improve his/her overall awareness as it will train you how to recognize different tones which will help them develop a sense of pitch. Good aural awareness helps them learn foreign languages better and faster.

7. Improves concentration

Playing the piano would help your child in better concentration. If you are worried about their academics instead of letting them study for more hours you can simply hire a decent piano tutor with a proper qualification who knows how to handle children with the unique emotional requirement. A daily practising piano would help them in concentration their academics, they might start to require leaser time to grasp new theories because of their improved concentration.

8. Sharpen cognitive ability

Playing the piano on a regular basis can improve your child’s cognitive ability; they will eventually develop problem-solving abilities which would help them deal with things in their personal life. Playing the piano has been shown to increase spatial-temporal ability which improves in maths, science and engineering.

Physical benefits of playing the piano

Playing the piano is not less than any workout even though you are sitting down playing the piano offers different physical benefits including sharpening fine motor skills.

1. Improved hand-eye coordination

If young people start playing the piano on a regular basis, it will improve their hand-eye coordination which makes them more active. It not only helps them in playing the piano or other musical instruments flawlessly but also energizes their other activities.

2. Improve muscle strength

Playing the piano requires a strict concentration to operate the keyboard in a proper way which improves the muscle strength of the learner. Better muscle health is essential to maintain overall physical strength.

3. Proper balance of human growth hormones

Pituitary glands produce human growth hormones, it also regulates body fluids, muscle and bone growth. It has an important role in keeping the proper balance in sugar and fat metabolism; it also keeps a strict eye on heart function. So, if you let your child learn piano from a professional instructor his/her physical problems will be at the bay.

4. Improves posture

While playing the piano you have to sit straight to concentrate on the keyboard, practising this daily would improve the child’s sitting posture. They will eventually sit straight while sitting anywhere.

Social advantages of playing the piano

Like physical and mental benefits playing the piano also has a hand-full of emotional benefits, some of them worth mentionings are:

Better social communication

If your child is shy in nature having trouble to accustom with their friends and relatives let them play the piano which is more like expressing oneself. They will learn how to start a conversation and how to express their feelings in front of others.

Where to find the best piano tutor?

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How to become a piano tutor?

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