How Parents Can Support Their Sports-Loving Kid?

Jun 22, 2021

Kids, irrespective of their gender, often like sports much more than studies. For them, sports come even before their studies. Responsible parents need to nurture and nourish this passion for sports in their children. They also have to understand that forcefully, it will not be possible to make them study attentively. If they want to play sports at that time, it is impossible to make the children concentrate on their studies. So, parents need to be very careful while handling and raising a sport-loving child. Here are few things the parents can do to foster a child’s passion for sports: 

A Must Sport Time

If your child is passionate about sports, no matter how hard it is - make a slot for sports practice. Indeed, there will be study pressure, homework, and much more to do. But while doing all these, sports practice must not be missed out. 

Every single day, try to keep a slot of 1-2 hours when your child can devote all his/her concentration on the sport they are passionate about. It can be any outdoor sport or indoor sport. Just keep a daily slot for practice and during this practice do not interrupt your child. Also do not remind your child about the studies at this time. 

These activities will help your child to concentrate on their favorite sport full-fledgedly. Once they are satisfied with the practice, they can concentrate on their studies more. On the other hand, the child will be unable to concentrate on the studies if their sports slot was interrupted or short. Their practice session has to be satisfactory so that they can perform the rest of their do-ables with utmost concentration. 

Practice Together

Playing with parents

It is not always necessary for the parents to enroll their child in any academy to nurture their passion for a sport. At a tender age, parents can be excellent coaches and trainers to their kids. So, make time for your child to play with them and try to teach them the basics and some more. 

Parents will have to compete with their kids in sports to see the dedication and game-plan of their child. The tough competition you will give to your child, the tougher sports skills your child will develop. 

Parents may have problems and work pressure, but making at least an hour will not be that difficult. So, make time for your child and see your child developing excellent sports skills. 

Do Not Overdo The Practice 

Overdoing practice is not very helpful at all - it will keep your child sick. So, ensure that you know, when to stop practicing. Also, you have to convince your child to stop after a specific time. Be logical while explaining this: You must not sound “Enough played, now its time to study!” 

The child must not feel that you are forcefully dragging him or her to study. Explain the health impacts of overdoing to them. Initially, they may not understand, but gradually they will cooperate. 

Invite Children With Same Interest To Play

Playing with friends

Your child must have like-minded friends who like the same sport. Get the details of them from your child and invite them for a game session. It will help your child to develop better game skills and plans. 

Give Attention and Reward

Children love attention and while seeing or practicing with your child, give them attention. When they do some good strokes while playing, encourage them. In case they give up on competing with you, shout out to your child to get up with more force. If they do something wrong, tell them what can be the right action. Don’t forget to reward your child for reaching their goals - words of appreciation are indeed a reward, but sometimes you can give something more. 

Do Not Compare - Teach Sportsman Spirit

Passion for sports

One of the most important factors to encourage children in sports is not to compare them. Let them follow their passion and see where it leads. We understand that a good score in any sport is important but there is a bigger picture under the failures. So, don’t compare your child to their friend who has scored better. Instead, teach your child to learn from their failures and apply those in the next session. Teach them to stay positive even after a failure - this is the sportsman spirit. 

Give Them Ownership - Let Them Plan

As a parent, you need to take care of one thing - don’t push your child to meet particular requirements. Rather, see them making their own game plan and see how they go forward. Encourage them in that and make them believe that you are with them. This ownership is very important to support a child - don’t always impose your opinion and plans on them. Let them make mistakes and learn how to get over them. 

So, handling a sport-loving kid is not that difficult. Parents simply need to be available for their children and encourage them in what they do. 


With a passion for writing, Rachita is in the field of content writing for more than 5 years. Here, she writes the blogs for MyPrivateTutor Singapore. Being a literature student, she has a strong addiction to reading as well. On a lazy day, she just needs a cozy setting and her favorite book or web series. 

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