How Music Can Help Your Child Focus Better: Pick The Right Music Tutor

Oct 19, 2020

Picking the right music tutor for your child can be daunting, especially if you don’t have any music background. Days are gone when our parents used to ask their friends, relatives, and neighbours about a great teacher since word of mouth was one of the effective ways to judge people. But now you can relax, our checklist will help you select the best music tutor in Singapore seamlessly.

The most important part of selecting a good music tutor for your child who will arouse interest in music, hope this article will help you figure out the most suitable instructor for your music-loving child.

How can music help your child learn and focus better?

As your child grows,s you must expose them to different curricular activities like music, art, recitation, playing the piano, violin, guitar or other musical instrumentation. It is not only about practising for an hour and forget, but it also has a holistic effect on your child’s health, both mental and physical. As a parent, if you think, learning music will not help your child in check this section for a better insight, which might help you change your perspective.

1. Release Stress

Growing children face different challenges every day both within the house and outside like in school, cochin etc. which can cause considerable stress to your child. Practising music on a regular basis can help release stress by channelizing the energy in a proper way. As a parent, you must try to leverage the true power of music to reduce your child’s anxiety. It can soothe an individual with its calming effects, a moment of peaceful meditation with slow music can have a day-long positive effect on your child.

2. Self-achievement

When your child successfully learns different forms of music, it will provide them with a sense of achievement which is great in developing a positive attitude among children. Playing musical instruments or singing a song requires hand-eye coordination for which you have to focus a lot, but after delivering it faultlessly, you will get ultimate satisfaction comes from the sense of self-achievement.

3. Improve Confidence

When your child practices a single song every day to achieve perfection it helps them improve their overall confidence; they will become trust their abilities even more which will, in turn, bring a lot of problem-solving abilities in real life. In-home, music creates a conducive environment which helps in boosting self-confidence naturally. The music is known to have antinode to all the negative feelings which improve our mood, it goes for both listening music and practising different forms of music together with musical instruments.

4. Help Express Feelings

Sometimes it is difficult for us to express certain feeling in words, so does for kids. Through listening to or practising music, they will understand what feelings sound and those can be expressed. Maybe sometime in future if they experience some kind of feelings, they will express themselves without hesitation.

5. Help Socialize Better

When they practice music together with other students in the class or even from a private music tutor at home they will understand how to socialize better; they will also understand how it feels about talking to similar minded people who share the same interest. This experience will also help them in socialize better in their personal life.

6. Learning Music is Fun

Learning music is way too much fun if you let your child learn music together with their academic curriculum; they will focus better. At their busy schedule music will bring much comfort and joy.

7. Concentrate Better

As we mentioned earlier learning music require a lot of patience, attention, and courage which every kid must practice from an earlier age, it not only helps them in concentrating better but also develops their overall personality.

8. Improve in Academics

Better concentration means a better focus on academics; practising music sometimes helps in clearing mathematical formulas. So as a parent if you are worried about your child’s academic performance and looking an effective way to improve it, let him/her practice music on a regular basis.

Steps to find the best music tutor for your child

If you are looking for a great music instructor for your kid, give this section of the article, a read and search without anyone’s help. There are various online education platforms available in Singapore that claims to provide experienced music tutors to students with different requirements; you can take help from Google. Check the following criteria before hiring a music tutor for your kid.

1. Talk To The Tutor

There is no other way you can understand the personality of a tutor other than talking, try to talk to them over the phone and ask some basic questions like how they end up being a music tutor, are they teach music on a full-time basis, or it is just a part-time thing for the tutor. Ask what age group he/she will be comfortable teaching, tell some basic things about your child and ask how that person can help etc. As a parent, you understand your child better so ask questions to fulfil your queries.

2. Check Experience

Experience is another must check factor in a music tutor; the more experience that person has the more chances of success will be there. However, sometimes fresher music tutors also impress the students with their abilities and friendly attitude, so there is more reason than one to explore a fresher music tutor as well. If you think your child is comfortable around elderly persons, try to choose a decent senior music tutor who will guide your child with music lessons with personal care.

3. Check Qualification

Also, check the tutor’s qualification in music, we recommend as least a graduation or diploma in music is necessary to teach students, but if you think the instructor is good without any formal music qualification you can go for it, no worries let your sixth sense guide you!

4. Child-friendly

One of the most important qualities of a music tutor is his/her attitude towards handling their students, especially if your child is under six or seven years old, they need special attention. Senior students are quite easy to handle and quick to learn new concepts, but kids require extra attention when it comes to learning extracurricular activities like music, so the instructor must know how to deal with children.

5. Positive Attitude

The music tutor must have a friendly and positive attitude which is important to make your child feel comfortable around that person. Moreover, students tend to imitate their teachers so if you hire a music tutor who has a charming personality, your child will respond better towards the lessons.

6. Show Love For Music

The teacher must be able to express love for music so that the students feel encouraged about their lessons. When it comes to music, students must go through informal lessons before starting formal ones. The teacher must talk about the benefits of practising music to the student.

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Searching a perfect music instructor can be daunting these days, but it is not that tough as you might think. Give this article a read and find some of the most effective ways to spot the music tutor for your child.


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