How Music Can help Solve Speech Issues In Your Child?

Nov 13, 2020

Are you worried about your child’s speech impediment or disorder, looking for a natural way to deal with it? Don’t panic, you have come to the right place, give this article a read to know how music therapy can help your child deal with his/her speech issues seamlessly.

Do you why every child needs to learn “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”? Because these are staples on SLPs, musical activities improve language skills among children, so from the next time if you think of sending your child to the music school is waste of time, remember these facts. However, there is always option to hire an experienced music tutor who will visit your place and help your child learn music from their home comfort, besides the tutor can also provide necessary support online for an uninterrupted learning experience.

Further in this article, we will discover the connection between music and speech issues, especially among children.

What is the connection between music and speech issues?

Learning music has many fold benefits among children, here our experts have highlighted a few of them:

  • Musical activities enhance language skills in children – Some children do not show any sign of talking even after the age of two which might concern the parents. There is no better way than practising music to encourage your child to talk and sing, nothing activates the brain as quickly as music, so you have more ways than one to provide music lessons. Kids of less than one year do not require to push, but if your child is of two years of age and not interested talking you can take them to specialists to leverage the power of music therapy.
  • Music improves learning abilities – Regular practising music or simply listening to rhymes and songs can improve learning abilities. Kids have a tendency to imitate and repeat songs and tunes, which indirectly foster their learning abilities. You can let your child practise different songs and poems to practice speech-language articulation, it is a great tool to engage your child and learn things naturally. Even using a silly voice can do a lot among children with speech issues. You can ask your child to sing a whole sentence whatever they try to say, it would help adjust the syllables

  • Music shows multiple ways to express yourself – Sometimes kids avoid talking because they find it difficult to express themselves in front of others if you let them learn music at an early age they will overcome the stiffness and learn how to become flexible by expressing themselves. Improved communication skill would help the child, in the long run, to socialize and make friends.
  • Musical activities improve brain function – Music activates both left and right side of the brain right away, it helps your child think and process knowledge and feelings. They will understand how to feel certain feelings. Musical training makes the childhood more memorable, besides through music lessons your child can get the chance to explore their inner artistic potential. So as a parent you must motivate your child to learn music at an early age to improve their auditory attentive skills.

How to help your child with learning music?

As a parent you can help your child learn music in interesting ways, some of them are:

1: My turn your turn

You can let your child sing and playback and forth this way they could learn without any formal training. Besides, learning music can always be fun you have to explore such ways to your child. You can start by singing a short song, or even a single verse and ask your child to do the same so that they can gain confidence. Motivate them by giving compliments and try to make them habituate with constructive criticism so that they know how to react to that in future.

2: Mimic time

While giving music lessons try to set a time for mimicking each other where you will let your child imitate you so that they can learn and repeat your verses. It would help improve your child’s phonological awareness in a creative way. Repeat the “my turn your turn thing” as many times as possible unless they achieve some sort of perfection.

3: Sing slowly

While studying with your child, try to go slow so that they can understand your words and pick them easily. You have to remember one thing, every child responds differently to the lessons so do not try to compare them with others, let them learn at their own pace.

4: Put excitement the way you sing

Let your child understand that there is no pressure whether they can learn or not, but singing and playing musical instruments is all about enjoying yourself, let them learn how they can enjoy. Try to show your excitement during the lessons so that they show more interest while practising. The most important thing is your enthusiasm; you can also practice some gesture while practising that might excite your child.

5: Practice instruments

To leverage the true power of music you can let your child learn musical instruments like guitar, violin, piano etc. from a professional instructor. If you are a musical person know how to play one or more instruments try to teach your child, it would overcome speech and language disorder naturally without giving them much pressure. However, you can always hire an experienced piano tutor or violin tutor for your child who will help your child learn that instrument.

How to find an experienced music tutor for your child?

Are you looking for a good music tutor for your child who will help to solve the speech problem with music therapy? Great, connect with MyPrivateTutor, the leading online education platform in Singapore with twelve plus years of experience in dealing with versatile learning requirement by various students. We also directly communicate with the parents regarding the student’s special requirement and provide tutors accordingly.

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May I become an online music tutor? How?

Are you looking to become a music tutor? Sign up with us and upload your qualification and experience certificate, let the team review and evaluate your credentials. Within less than 48 hours your tutoring profile will be activated and you will start getting a query from students who are looking for your help. Becoming a music tutor has never been such easy.

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Do you want to help your child solve speech disabilities with music therapy? Discover details in this article and get started easily. Also, discover where to find qualified music tutors for your child.


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