How Does a Genuine Math Tutor Help Students in the Right Direction?

Sep 01, 2020

Most of us usually think either we are math people or are not. Let us remember that there is nothing called math people. It is because if we can understand how the formulas are working and the tricks behind all the calculations, then everyone can do maths quite accurately. There is a need of efficient maths tutor as he or she is the ultimate Math Guru who can teach the logic of maths calculation.

Maths Tutor unravels these factors perfectly:

Algebra and geometry are not same

There is no special magic that let some students to pass in algebra and others to remain unsuccessful. Many times, it is observed that those learners who are weak at arithmetic have proven themselves as excellent at abstract maths. Similarly, there are students who love geometry but hate algebra.

Every child is unique. As per opinions bestowed by the maths tutors, students, both gifted and those with learning difficulties have typical strengths that help them learn certain maths topics with ease. On the other hand, they have weaknesses too that make certain topics difficult for them to grasp.

Maths is a subject that needs determination and willingness to make mistakes and take risks. Many times, students address themselves anti- math people before knowing that every maths tutor teach in different way. There can be a teacher who is capable of making them understand maths in such a way that they can become maths wizard in future.

Both overconfidence and underconfidence are harmful:

It is often observed in a classroom, that among all the students, some feel overconfident and some other feel underconfident about maths. But, the truth is maths is such a subject that can make even the smartest people feel tongue-tied. On the other hand, people who are not confident can learn innovative ways to solve equations accurately. A genuine maths tutor help students to feel capable of learning something new and have an adaptive mindset.

The ideal math teacher is the one who can convince the students to practice daily, accept their mistakes and enquire what has gone wrong. Otherwise their grades can remain abysmal. Constant practicing, and doing regular homework can make the students master maths. Different student will take different time to solve problem, but at the end, all can do maths well.

Genuine maths tutor educates the children

Schools sort out the students’ quality by their gradation. They decide who will be in college successfully, who will enter vocational classes, and who will remain unskilled labor. Theoretically, it creates a pressure on the students as they tend to think that if they score less, their future will be in dark. Hence, they try to mug up everything to puke on the exam papers instead of understanding the core subject.

It is the duty of the maths tutor to help all students learn deeply as per their learning capacities. The teachers must instil the love of learning. Teachers who give poor evaluation deliver weak students. Reversely, teachers who give positive evaluations present students pro in maths. These students work very hard and are willing to ask for help whenever they are stuck.

Grades must be there to encourage perseverance and not to judge the students. Rewards must be given to the learners performing well to motivate them for doing better. An ideal maths tutor must be the one who removes all the pressures from the students’ mind to help them execute better.

Maths tutors help students to learn from failures:

The maths teacher must be the guide who help the students learn from their failures rather than getting demotivated. They teach the students how to focus on the process of math for learning the true mathematical logic. There are many students who know how to get the correct answers, but they lack the knowledge of thinking about the problems.

The ideal maths tutor give full freedom to the learners so that the later can make their own choices. Modeling is far more powerful than judging or teaching. The teachers must convince the parents to encourage their children by modelling their behaviour so that the kids keep on practicing maths and try to get the logic behind the problems.

Maths tutor convinces the students to try:

It is extremely important to make the students understand that if they don’t try, they won’t succeed. Attempt is as valuable as the final result. Giving up is never the solution. A good teacher must reward the students for attempting all the maths questions irrespective of solving them correctly. The teacher must make sure that the students is trying to answer every question and double checking them.

Education must be about personal growth rather than sheer competition. The model maths tutor boosts confidence and flexibility of the students so that they remain ready to accept challenges and learn anything.

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