How Can Maths Tutor in Singapore Guide A Student?

Nov 13, 2020

Teachers play a crucial role in every student’s life. They not only shape the students’ academic performance and their characteristics but also guide their learners with optimum sincerity. In Singapore, most of the parents enrol their kids in tuition center for obtaining academic excellence. The education system of Singapore is considered as one of the toughest education systems globally.  

About maths syllabus in Singapore:

The math syllabus in Singapore is very challenging. The students get prepared for both science and math fields. The syllabus is designed in such a way that the students can be critical thinkers so that they can apply the gained knowledge in solving problems of the real world. The authorities have agreed that there is a need of good math tutors for overcoming the existing challenges in the education system.

Hence, let us check how a math tutor in Singapore can guide a student:

The math teachers provide needed support:

Not only maths, the teachers, in general, must be supportive of each student. The specialized guidance of the tutor brings motivation, companionship and happiness during the class. A teacher must offer support at every step of the academic journey of the students. They are the students’ strength.

The teachers must teach how to rise from a particular set back or start afresh after a failure. He/she must inspire and encourage the students in every step of their educational journey. Also, they must celebrate the success of the learners.

Trust and mutual respect arrive from a healthy teacher-student relationship and the academic performance of the students improves. A teacher must be the one who never give up on his/her student when the kid is being typically criticized by the society, parents, and friends due to poor academic performance.

A math tutor can help students to be self-disciplined:

Discipline is must in learning anything, be it math, science, language, art, sport, etc. Dedication, time management, regular practice, and asking for help where stuck must be in the nature of every school going student in Singapore.

Often, it is observed that students who underperform in math try to remain quite about the failure and avoid the subject. Actually, kids are immature and can’t understand the importance of discipline. Hence, it is the responsibility of a math tutor to teach self-discipline to the students and encourage them to try repeatedly even if they fail multiple times until they succeed.

A math tutor can build the foundation of the students:

In Singapore, maths tutors belong to school or home, agree to one common thing. They believe that if the foundation of the subject is not strong, then the student cannot progress. In fact, it is a universal fact. The education system in Singapore sticks to the principle of making the foundation of the students strong in terms of education. Various steps and ideas are implemented to make it true.

Usually, the math teachers make sure that their students can acknowledge the simple ideas first, and then move to the complex and abstract ideas. The most common method of understanding whether the students have learned the basic things is taking a test. Additionally, asking a student to explain the subject matter also helps. If a student can thoroughly explain the subject matter, it signifies that he/she has understood the basics and is ready to proceed further.

A math tutor can help to strengthen the critical thinking skills of the students:

Critical thinking skill or higher-order thinking skill is crucial for students so that they can master the subject called mathematics. In Singapore, math tutors impart this particular skill right from the starting and hence, it infuses in the nature of the students. The kids can response properly when it comes to reading, analyzing, testing, hypothesizing, and coming to a solution.

Math tutors must prepare practice papers for the students so that the later can solve challenging questions again and again and become master problem solvers.


The math syllabus in Singapore is critical. The teachers must help the students to gain focus on the subject and learn it properly so that they can perform well in academics. Without a good math tutor, students may lack the needed guidance that only a professional can bestow.

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