Home Tutors: Pros And Cons Of Getting Some Extra Help

Oct 30, 2020

Are you muddled with the idea of hiring a home tutor for your child? Not sure extra help would be beneficial or not? Give this article a read to explore different perspectives commonly discussed by both parents and teachers. Throughout their school years, it is not unnatural to lose the motivation to learn due to a bunch of reasons. However, sometimes it's temporary whereas sometimes it might feel like a long-term issue, under that situation it is very important to regain the enthusiasm exactly where the responsibilities of home tutors come.

It would be inappropriate to judge a child’s intelligence in terms of his/her grade especially in the junior school, the child’s future choices and outcomes may be changed due to a number of factors among which proper guidance being the one. Therefore parents often prefer hiring a home tutor who would help the child to learn better, personalised care is one such thing that helps motivate a child to learn. You might think whether hiring a private tutor would be worth your money, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of private tutoring before you come to any conclusion.

Advantages of hiring a home tutor

  • Personalised approach – tutors understand the mindset of children when it comes to studying, they know how to motivate them to perform better. For working parents it is not always possible to provide the perfect guidance to their children, tutors help them understand better than class teachers. If your child is an introvert one or kind of shy in nature you must hire a friendly home tutor to learn quicker.
  • Learn at own pace - Some students can grasp things promptly but it would not be rational to expect the same pace from every child. Some students need more time to learn, understand and bring their best performance for which you must hire a private tutor.
  • Lesser distraction – If your child learns from an experienced home tutor he/she would learn in a less distracting environment which is not always possible within a classroom setup together with forty other children.
  • Improved confidence - One of the must-have qualities of a home tutor is a positive attitude towards learning new concepts. They understand where your child lagging behind and what are the possible reasons so that they can work towards solving those. Once your child your will know how to overcome their fear towards to studies they will be motivated to solve them with confidence which is the key to success.

  • Improved academic performance - Regular practising and comfortable learning will help them in perform better in their examination. A good home tutor must know how to prepare the student for examination without additional pressure, they know how to push and where to push your child to improve their performance.
  • Positive attitude towards future - If your child gets guidance of an experienced and empathetic home tutor from an early age he/she will develop a positive attitude. It also encourage their inner potential to achieve the next level of learning, they also help them understand future opportunities so that the students can plan his/her academics accordingly.
  • More than learning just syllabus - Learning from a good home tutor is not always restricted to formal learning, informally the child can learn more than just following the syllabus. For example, the teacher can talk about his/her experience as a student, what was his/her fear, how did they have overcome it etc. Those healthy conversations will help shape your child’s personality in more ways than one.

Downsides of hiring a home tutor

Yes there are a few drawbacks related to hiring a private home tutor, so before the jump, onto hiring one you must know everything that you are signing for:

  • High cost

One of the main issues with hiring a private tutor is its overwhelming cost. If you wish to hire a quality tutor with proper experience and professionalism you have to put a little extra pressure on your budget, which is why many families cannot afford it.

  • Waste of money

Even after hiring a costly home tutor, you might feel you are wasting money while your child is sufficient to learn on his own of course with a little guidance. So, before hiring a home tutor to check your schedule with your child, if you feel like your guidance will be sufficient fr your child do not hire a private tutor.

  • Not finding a good tutor

In most cases, the problem that parents face is not able to find the correct match for their child. Days are gone when people use to ask their neighbours and friends for a good tutor recommendation, now with online education platforms, you can not only discover suitable home tutor for your child but also compare them on the basis of their experience, fees, rating, how students feel about the instructor’s teaching method etc. If you think these are too much for you, you might end up hiring a less suitable home tutor for your child.

  • Hiring a non-certified tutor

In order to save a few bucks sometimes, parents end up hiring a non-certified or less experienced tutor for their child, in the long run, which might create bigger issues to your child’s academic performance.

  • Less time for extra-curricular

If you think your child doesn’t need any extra help from a private tutor, doing perfectly good at its own pace, managing both school and extracurricular activities at the same time hiring a private tutor would be unnecessary. Sometimes parents think their child doesn’t need time for extracurricular activities focusing on academics would be enough. If you share the same thought its high time to change that since, extracurricular activities like singing, practising musical instruments, practising various art forms shape your child’s personality in many ways.

Must-have qualities of a home tutor

Now that you know both the pros and cons of hiring a home tutor, take a quick look at the must-have qualities of a private tutor, so that you can judge the person beforehand:

  • Patience – The instructor must be patience regarding teaching new concepts to a child, sometimes students take more time to reach the pace, under that situation being patience seems to be the only solution.
  • Positive attitude - He/she must not impose or pass negative comments about the potential of the child. They must not sound hopeless in front of the child as it would affect the student’s confidence in a negative way.
  • Experienced – Make sure the private tutor has prior experience in dealing with a child-like yours, however, if you think a fresher tutor can take care of your child’s learning requirement it's absolutely your call to make.
  • Empathetic – Check whether the tutor sounds strict or not, sometimes students require the guidance of a friendly instructor rather than a strict one. So, make sure the tutor has cognitive empathy towards your child.
  • Encourage independent learning – Tutors must encourage independent learning among every child, so make sure you hired one with that quality.
  • Explore multiple learning methods – a good private tutor must be able to explore various learning methods for his/her students. If they feel the student cannot perform in one way they must know how to try other exciting methods to get their job done.
  • Push limits – An experienced home tutor must know how to push their students’ limits without implying emotional pressure.

Where to find the best home tutors in Singapore?

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We have a huge database of tutors from which you can choose a suitable tutor for your toddler. Our team closely observe the performance of these instructors and evaluate them accordingly. You can compare the fees and experience of the tutors so that it would be easier for you to choose the perfect tutor. After taking a couple of classes if you feel like that tutor is not a perfect match you can ask for a replacement.

So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly experienced home tutor in Singapore you know whom to connect.

How to start a career as a home tutor?

Are you looking to begin your career as a home tutor? Sign up with us and upload your credentials with MyPrivateTutor as a tutor. Our team will verify those documents and provide appropriate students looking for your help. You can opt for both online and face-to-face teaching, and you can choose your time slot. If you are a nine to five job holder looking to utilise your extra time, home tutoring would be your perfect match. We accept applications from different profiles including housewives, senior retiree, freshers etc. so have more reason than one to explore your potential as a home tutor.

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Are you looking to hire a suitable home tutor for your child, reading the pros and cons are mandatory then. Also, discover what qualities you must check in your tutor before hiring them.


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