Everything You Need To Know About Home Tuition Jobs in Singapore

Jul 23, 2020

Are you looking for home tuition jobs in Singapore? Give this article a read to start your career as an online home tutor in a hassle-free way. In Singapore, online education is one of the buzzwords both among students and parents, not only because of its effectiveness but also it’s one of the most convenient ways of learning. As a leading online tutoring platform in Singapore, we get hundreds of home tutor requirements from different parts of the nation. Our students are from a different background from junior to higher studies, even PhD students. So if you are thinking of getting genuine leads, let this article help you.

Why Is Online Tutoring Better Than Tradition One?

You might be wondering that we were okay to have home tutors who used to visit our place and teach us, but now the situation has changed a lot. Due to convenient learning, learners are now opting for online teaching; it allows them to learn from their home comfort anytime from anywhere. As technology advances, online teaching exists along-side of the traditional ones, but now most of the students are comfortable with online teaching.

Let’s see what some of the major advantages of online teaching are:

1. Convenient and Flexible

If you learn from your home comfort, you can be more focused on study; you don’t have to think about travelling miles to reach your favourite tutor’s place to solve your math problem. Instead, you can just connect online via video call to get the exact help you are looking for. Also, there is less fear of missing out, after traditional classroom teaching if you feel you need extra attention, you can always ask your online tutor to help you.

2. Better Performance

With online classes, there is no extra pressure of keeping a pace with other students which is very common in the classroom setting. Often students think twice before asking questions to the teachers in from of forty other classmates. But if you choose online learning, you can learn at your own pace, with the fear of missing out. For a more focused performance, parents are now reclining towards online learning classes, be it learning music or solving complex mathematics problems.

3. Budget-Friendly

In today’s time, hiring a personal tutor for face to face teaching can be a matter of costly affair; instead, parents can choose one or two online tutor for multiple subjects. As a parent, if you don’t like the teaching method of a particular teacher, you can anytime opt for a better one.

4. Creative Learning

For a holistic approach toward complete learning, online methods are extremely effective. Students can learn quickly from audio-visual aids. For hands-on learning, if parents guide them a little, young students can easily learn different subjects. .

There are various arguments regarding the comparison between online and traditional teaching; both have some positive and negative impact on the learners. Arguably online teaching is the future of the entire education section worldwide. By now, most schools, colleges, universities and other educational organizations have started their own online platform where the teachers help students learn and give examinations as well.

Why Should You Opt For Online Teaching?

If you stay in Singapore and looking for a stable career option without moving out of your home, online tutoring jobs can be your best match. Regularly more than a thousand students ask for online guidance for various subjects, so if you choose to become an online tutor, you will get genuine leads throughout the year.

Here are some of the benefits for which you must give online tutoring a try:

1. Flexible Career Option

In today’s time, online teaching is one of the most flexible career options; individuals are opting for online tutoring together with their 9 to 5 jobs. No career option is as flexible as this one. You can work anytime you want to be it weekends or throughout the week just like your 9 to 5 jobs. Nobody will ask you anything.

2. Good Payment

Another reason for which more people are opting for online tutoring is because of good payment option. Your earning from online teaching will depend on how much time you provide for it; people with more dedication and time will earn more compared to online tutors who only classes during weekends.

3. No Travelling Cost

Online teaching doesn’t involve any travelling cost as you have to teach from your home comfort only. Besides, if you have to travel, you can still continue teaching from anywhere, provided you are connected with a strong internet connection. So, you can save your travelling cost with online tutoring.

4. Enhance Experience

If you are a teacher opting for online tutoring, it can actually enhance your overall experience. In fact, now, many sectors are looking for online tutors to help their students. Another best part of being an online tutor is you can teach students from different platforms at the same time. For example, if you teach math online, you can create your tutoring profile with multiple online tutoring platform according to your convenience.

5. Provide Multiple Teaching Options

As a teacher, if you provide online teaching, it opens multiple teaching options to you, which you might not explore otherwise. You will have to deal with students from different backgrounds and different requirements; not all students are the same as you already know. Online teaching also help you improve your quality as a teacher; it makes you more compassionate.

6. Provide Proper Certificates

Some online tutoring platform provides a certificate after long term teaching, so before registering yourself with online tutoring, make sure you get proper credentials which you can showcase in future organizations as well.

Looking For Online Tutoring Jobs, Here Is What You Can Do!

If you are looking for online tutoring jobs create your tutoring profile with us, upload all your necessary documents like experience certificate, any other certificate as a subject experts etc. and let our team review that. Shortly they will activate your profile as an online tutor which is the first step in getting online students. In your profile mention which age group or grade you will be comfortable with so that we will connect them only. You also have the flexibility to decide your own fees which will be showcased on your profile, so that the students and parents both can see that before making their final decision.

We have thousands of teachers registered with us from various backgrounds and subjects. We have online dance tutors; piano tutors, math tutors and the list will go on and on. So, if you wish to get genuine leads throughout the year, register with us and create your tutoring profile. Getting your first student as an online is not a dream anymore!


If you are looking to get online tutoring job in Singapore to create your tutoring profile with us and get genuine leads throughout the year. We will connect you with proper students who are looking for your help.


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