4 Hacks for An Organized College Life

Jul 09, 2021

Stepping into college is like a dream come true for many students. College means fewer restrictions like the schools, no bindings of uniforms, and much more flexibility. All these lead to unorganized and unproductive college life for the students. But, wait!

We are not here to demoralize the college students; instead, we are here to fill you with hopes and hacks. We have some easy hacks for organized and productive college life for students. Don’t worry, these hacks will not ask you to compromise the enjoyment and flexibilities of college life. 

Maintain A Weekly Schedule with To-Do Activities

No matter what you do and how old are you, making a schedule will always benefit you. In this schedule, don’t just include the college routine; include all the do-able things of a day. 

For example, you have to attend a birthday party or a music concert, or a guitar class after or before college hours. Similarly, you may have to go to tuition class or a friend’s place to get notes or study for a test. You have to include this in your schedule. It will make you prepared beforehand. Sometimes, students are not prepared for the upcoming activities - as a result, either they cannot participate in those activities full-fledgedly, or they miss some events or activities. 

Making a schedule will not just help you in staying organized; it will help you to be productive. During the exam preparation, your schedule will include the subjects or topics to study on specific hours. It will prevent you from picking a random subject during your preparation. Also, you will not have to wake up and think about what your do-ables are for the day.  So, a schedule will save your time. 

So, don’t forget to maintain a schedule by including all your to-do activities. You can use Google calendar for this purpose. On the weekends, spend some time to make your schedule to stay organized. Also, remember, you have to stick to this schedule throughout the week. Sometimes, try to add some household chores, like cleaning, cooking, organizing wardrobe, washing clothes, and doing dishes in your schedule. 


Plan Everything

As you are maintaining a schedule with all your activities, you are free to plan. Planning is the secret to stay organized in any sphere of life. To plan your activities, you just need to check the to-dos of the next day in the night before sleeping. Once checked, mark the important activities that need a thorough plan, and before sleeping just outline how to complete those activities. If it is possible make some more plans on how to execute that task. 

Even you cannot do thorough planning, the outline will help you a lot to complete the task satisfactorily. You will excel in the task even with that outline. However, thorough planning will help you to stand out in that task, so try for thorough planning. 


Digitize the Notes 

It may sound like a tiresome and unnecessary activity, but digital notes have uncountable advantages for college students. Actually, college students have a very active life and they have to attend a number of events each day. As a result, unorganized students often fail to find out their notebooks and essential copies. Before their exam, they have to ask their friend for notes to help them. In case they don’t get the assistance of their friends, they obtain a low grade on the tests. 

The only and only way to avoid such a situation is through digital notes. In case the students maintain digital notes through Google drive, they can easily access the notes just by signing in to their accounts. There is no way to lose these notes. So, the students will not have to depend on their friends. 

There are students who believe note-taking is kids’ activity. Note-taking is essential for all the students, to learn anything in a clear and concise way, notes are very important. These notes help the students to memorize the lessons before their exam spending the least effort. 


Have a Healthy Life 

Indeed, college life shows flying colors, but you have to remember that you have to maintain your health for a good academic performance. So, try to keep a balance. For this, you will need to some exercise every day. Yes, junk foods are unavoidable during college life, but to maintain a balance try to eat something healthy at least once a day. Along with this, sufficient sleep is essential to look and stay fresh and concentrate on studies. 

Staying organized does not mean not enjoying college life and these 4 hacks prove exactly the same. College life is full of activities and too many activities lead to an unorganized lifestyle. But these 4 ways will help college students to stay organized and enjoy all the activities to the fullest. 


With a passion for writing, Rachita is in the field of content writing for more than 5 years. Here, she writes the blogs for MyPrivateTutor Singapore. Being a literature student, she has a strong addiction to reading as well. On a lazy day, she just needs a cozy setting and her favorite book or web series. 

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