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Aug 24, 2020

As a kid did you pay close attention to your geography classes? Nobody blames a kid, but as you grow, you find the relevance of geography in your life. It is important to know the geographical features of the area you are living; otherwise, when you will see people around you talking about the geography of your country or state, you will feel left out. Geography or earth science is one of the fascinating subjects which tells you where you fit into this changing world. Educating our children about geography is important, but at the same time, parents must make sure their child can relate to the subject.

Advantages of Learning Geography

Some of the worth mentioning advantages o learning Geography are:

Create Awareness of Places

Studying geography creates awareness about different places near and far from you, even if you don’t physically visit them through proper geographical information, you can understand different areas even better. Moreover, understanding geography helps people understand different historical events that help to shape our society, including political, economic, and social events and their importance.

Develop Non-Fiction Reading Skills

Studying geography helps in developing non-fictional reading skills when you study maps, charts, graphs your cognitive ability will be sharpened. Students of geography must use higher skills to fulfil their learning requirements; it helps them analyze and synthesize various information. These non-fiction reading skills are very helpful in processing various information and background knowledge about our country and other countries in the world.

Create Spatial Awareness

Map sense and globe reading skills are great to develop spatial awareness; talking of which these practices are going to be obsolete from the upcoming syllabus, so if you know how to read them correctly you will have some rare skills. Think about the situation where your phone is dead, and you have no help to find your friend’s house in an unknown locality, what would you do without GPS? That is why a little knowledge of the immediate area will be absolutely beneficial. While planning your next trip it would be better if you try to know that place geographically, it would make you confident about that place, so even if the GPS went down you would search new places to see! Moreover, in order to understand how GPS functions, you need to have a basic idea about the geographical feature of that area.

Create a Global Community

If you are passionate about geography, you can join various communities in the world that have people with a similar mindset. Studying geography helps in creating global citizen, as you will understand how we all used to be connected and what geographical incidents make us the citizen of our country, the diversity- why people live the way they do, why some vegetables are available in restricted parts of the world and not just everywhere etc. In order to understand the global society, that information would be extremely helpful.

Different Cultural Knowledge

If you learn world geography, you will get to know various cultures of the world those are essential in shaping society. You will also get the historical knowledge of everything from a vast point of view.

Career In Geography

If you like geography, you can make a career out of it, apart from being a teacher or a professor there are hundreds of new new-age professions throughout the world that require expertise in geography.

You can opt for the following career options with geography:

  • Academics – teacher, lecturer, professor
  • Researcher in organizations
  • Environmental consultant
  • Urban planner
  • Tourism officer
  • GIS Specialist
  • Demographer
  • Tourism Officer
  • Hydrologist

Other than the above-mentioned career options, there are a lot of other options as well for geography professionals. The salary would vary from one job to another and of course from one country to the other.

Online Tutors for Higher Studies Students

Geography is a tricky and interesting subject if you want to learn geography from experienced instructors, sign up with us and get connected with various subject experts. We have more than ten years of experience in dealing with online instructors for various subjects. In this lockdown you don’t have to visit your tutor’s place rather the whole learning setup can come to your doorstep so that you can learn your favourite subjects from your home comfort. You just need to have a strong internet connection and a smart device to connect with your instructor. So, if your exam is knocking at the door, hire an online Geography tutor in Singapore.

Why Hire Geography Tutor From MyPtivateTutor?

There are various online education platforms around you, but we are one of the pioneers in this field. From the past twelve years, we are connecting proper instructors with students from different parts of the country, so if you are looking for online geography tutor, sign up with us and post your learning requirement. Our team will review your requirement within less than 48 hours will connect proper instructors to you among which you can select a suitable one.

If you choose online tutors from MyPrivateTutor, you will get the following benefits:

  • Access to the latest resources
  • Extensive syllabus coverage
  • Experienced and passionate geography tutors
  • Individual instructor for guidance to ace your final examination
  • Proper evaluation of your assignments

All the instructors’ fees are displayed in their profile so that you can see and choose them according to your budget. You can also check the credentials of your tutors like their experience as a tutor, their qualification, their current job role etc.

Start Teaching Geography Online

If you are interested in online teaching, sign up with us and create your tutoring profile, mention the subject(s) you will be comfortable teaching. Also upload your documents like qualification certificate, experience certificate as a teacher (if any), students’ grade, board etc. We will showcase all the details on your profile so that the students and the parents can check while selecting an instructor.

Remember, we only provide genuine and certified tutors to help our students, if found incorrect or irrelevant, our team may revert with the credential requirement. You can opt for full-time teaching or part-time tutoring jobs with us. The best part of being an online tutor is the amount of flexibility you will get; you can also teach on the weekend together with your nine to five jobs, earn while you can help. You can also select your remuneration as a geography tutor who will be showcased on your profile.


Find the best online geography tutor in Singapore in just a click. Select your own tutor, or refer to your friends, online learning is the only safest option left in the pandemic, don’t compromise with your learning requirement, be smart, opt for online learning now!


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