Frequently Asked Questions About Tutors in Singapore

Aug 10, 2020

If you are wondering how to help your child improve academically, you must leverage the power of online home tutors in Singapore. No matter what every child the best tutor, in this article, we will provide answers to the frequently asked questions about private tutors in Singapore.

Benefits Of Learning Online:

Before we dig deep into the answers, let’s see what the benefits of online learning are:

1: Flexibility

Flexible learning schedule is one of the best things about online learning; that is why both parents and students now prefer to learn online more than the traditional teaching method. New-age parents always search for online learning options for their toddlers; similarly higher studies students also prefer online learning which helps them to learn at their own pace without any extra pressure of competition. Besides, you can learn anytime from anywhere provided you are connected with a strong internet connection.

2: Access To Experts

With online classes, you can choose your own instructor among a hundred other options, it would not only help you explore better experts for yourself but also help you overcome your shortcomings. Higher studies students can learn from different instructors for a single subject which would help then add perspectives; thereby, they can broaden their approaches towards learning.

3: Less Intimidating

Not all students are the same when it comes to leaning; everyone has their own sets of ideas and perspective. Some might learn fast while some require more time to bring their best. Many students might not feel comfortable learning within classroom setup together with forty other students. They sometimes feel shy to ask questions to the teacher, but the fear of being judged can be overcome with online learning setup, as the instructor will only focus on your progress and will be committed to helping you as long as you require.

4. Discover More Learning Opportunities

With online tutors, students can discover various learning opportunities than cannot be possible with classroom teaching. They can learn with the help of audiovisual aids which will help them learn faster since, with online teaching, learning is not restricted pen and paper only. There are various online tutoring platforms that provide private tutors in Singapore, from where you can choose your favourite teacher according to your requirement.

5. Reduced Cost

In today’s time, hiring a private tutor for one or two subjects can be a costly affair; rather, you can hire multiple online instructors within the same cost. After taking a couple of classes from your online instructor if you don’t like the teaching method, you can replace with another online instructor from the same online tutoring platform.

6. Better Focus

With online learning, you can learn from your own home comfort, which will help you in better focusing. So, if you think your exam is knocking at the door and you require special attention for a particular subject hire online tutor without wasting further time.

7. Better Progress

As a parent, you can check your child’s progress with online instructors. Instructors will conduct online assessment focusing on each chapter so that your child can prepare better for upcoming examinations. Online instructors will help them solve question papers through mock tests so that your child can be confident enough while sitting for the actual examination.

8. Choose Between a Variety Of Courses and Classes

Not only conventional subjects with online learning you can learn playing various musical instruments like violin, piano, guitar etc. and can also learn various languages like Chimes Cantonese, Mandarin etc. If your child is interested in learning Mathematics, online classes can be a real help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Tutors in Singapore

If you live in Singapore and looking for an online tutor for your child, read the section of the article carefully and find all the necessary answers before onboarding any online instructor.

1. What shall I choose for my five-year-old kid: online tutor or private tutor?

For your five-year-old kid, private tutors would be a better option in compared to online tutors, however, as a parent if you can guide your child, you can opt for online tutors because handling junior students would be tough over online instructions. At the same time, if you guide them how to behave and follow instructions of online instructors, your child can learn things faster than others because online teaching is the future of education in all over the world.

2. I don’t have a computer, can I still learn from online tutors?

You don’t need to have a laptop or a desktop for online learning, but you must have a smartphone at least together with a strong internet connection to connect with your online instructor. However, if your child feels comfortable in online learning, you can try connecting with an online instructor who has relevant experience in dealing with toddlers.

3. What shall be the qualification of my online tutor?

Before hiring an online instructor, you must check his/her qualification, for example, if you are a higher studies student looking for an online math tutor, you must check his/her qualification and relevant certificates that will prove the credibility of your instructor as a math tutor. It goes the same for all other subjects. If you are preparing for an upcoming competitive exam, check the background of tutor whether he/she has past experience in clearing such examination; otherwise, there is no point of hiring that instructor. You can also take help from our online tutoring platform where after posting your learning requirement, our team will find the best suitable tutor for you. The sign-up process is easier than you think!

4. What qualities should I look in my online private tutor?

You must check the following qualities before hiring your online tutor:

  • Experienced
  • Qualified
  • Compassionate
  • Affordable

You can let an online tutoring platform to help you fill the following requirement. Usually, they have a huge database of online and private tutors, so if you post your learning requirement, they will try to connect you with the best suitable tutor who will ease your learning requirement. You can also book a free demo class for better understanding.

5. What will happen if I don’t like my online instructor?

Beginners might face problems with their online instructors, after one or two classes they feel they are not getting what they are looking. Each online tutoring platform is different from the other, but if you hire an online instructor from our platform and don’t satisfy with the experience, we would replace the instructor with a similar one.

6. How can I check the progress with my online tutor?

Your online tutor must conduct chapter wise assessment to understand your progress if you feel you need extra attention with any particular chapter let your instructor know and ask to conduct a mock test to understand how well you are prepared. You can take help from your parents regarding communication with your private tutor in Singapore.

7. Which is the best online tutoring platform?

If you are looking for the best online tutoring platform to hire an instructor for your child, you can sign up with us and post your learning requirement. Our team will thoroughly evaluate your requirement and might give you a call for more information, within less than 48 hours they will connect you with the best online or private tutor for you. The sigh up process will take less than a couple of minutes. We are one of the pioneers in online teaching; we have more than ten thousand tutors registered with us from different parts of the nation; some are private tutor while some are experienced, online tutors. We only allow verified tutors to help our students so if you don’t have to worry about the credentials of your tutor, that will be our team’s lookout.

So if you are looking for private tutors in Singapore, sign up with us and post your learning requirement. Also, if you are interested in online or private teaching to sign up with us and create your tutoring profile, don’t forget to upload your credentials like experience certificate, qualification details etc. which will be shown in front of our students. If you are a subject expert, upload supportive documents to attract more students, also mention the age group and grades of the student, you will find comfortable teaching. Traditional teaching will always be there, but distance learning and online learning will also be there to complement holistic learning. Online learning provides ultimate flexibility to the students with which they will learn more comfortable and secure a better score.

Are you looking for a private tutor in Singapore? Sign up with us now!


Discover the answers to frequently asked questions regarding private tutors in Singapore. Finding experienced tutors has never been so easy. Also, discover the sign-up process which would not take more than a couple of minutes.


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