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Jan 23, 2021

If you are looking for a professional tutor to learn Chinese Mandarin but don’t know where to get started, read this article till the end to discover some of the useful tips about hiring the best Chinese tutor near you.

No matter from where you are learning Mandarin make sure the learning process must be interesting if you have a clear learning goal share that with your private tutor so that he/she can prepare lessons accordingly. On the internet, you will find millions of articles regarding finding the right tutor to learn Chinese, don’t get confused focus on some basic things to before you hire your Chinese Mandarin tutor either from an education platform or through recommendation.

Don’t get yourself fooled that a native Chinese speaker can be the best tutor since it happens every time. Instead, if you hire a certified and quailed tutor to help, you can learn the language more precisely.

May I learn Chinese mandarin without professional help?

The straight answer is Yes, but the honest answer is No!

You can buy some books, or check some YouTube videos to learn the basic of Mandarin but unless you practice them have speak fluently, you can’t get a hold of it. To speak like a native, you must learn it from a professional, right now there is a huge demand for Chinese Mandarin tutors because a lot of people can’t go to school to learn the language, so they are looking for professional instructors who can do that same.

As an expert in dealing millions of students over fifteen years, we suggest learning the language or any other new languages from certified instructors to get a holistic learning experience.

How long does it take to learn Chinese Mandarin?

If you wish to learn the basics of Mandarin you have to provide at least an hour with each day or five to six hours a week. If you want to talk like a native you better invest two to three hours each day or around twenty-one hours in a week to learn it within a couple of months.

If you learn Chinese Mandarin from a professional, you must tell, you learning criteria so that the private tutor can give you an estimate of how long it will take for you to learn the language.

Chinese has no true alphabet, these are more like characters, to learn the language you must understand how these characters perform. You need to understand the pronunciation and meaning of each character, they differ a lot from the words and letters of English and any other languages.

So, proper dedication and time are required to grasp Chinese Mandarin, however, a professional Chinese Mandarin tutor would understand your requirement easily as they deal with such students in the entire life. So instead of wasting time on watching complex videos to learn Mandarin, hire a private tutor easily.

Why do I need to hire a Chinese mandarin tutor?

Well, there are a hundred of reasons behind hiring a certified private tutor, let's take a look at some of those:

  • You can learn the basics of language accurately.
  • You can learn at your own pace, without facing any classroom pressure or comparison.
  • You will get to know the actual essence of the language that would not have been possible otherwise.
  • You can learn from personal experience.
  • It’s cost-effective than attending a professional language school.
  • You can learn from your home comfort, which means save time and money.
  • You can practice better.

Other than the above-mentioned reasons, there are a lot of other reasons for which you think of hiring an experienced Chinese Mandarin tutor to understand the true essence of the language.

May I customize my course?

Well, that depends, if you choose a particular course certainly you cant customize it, but if you hire a Chinese Mandarin tutor you can easily tell your unique requirement and customize your lessons. If you are looking for professional help for your summer project or an office presentation, hiring a private tutor would be rational.

There are not many options for customization with pre-set Mandarin courses, but those courses are not always suitable to learn a different perspective of the language. So, before making your final decision check thoroughly about the time and course details.

How many hours are required to learn Chinese Mandarin?

That depends at which pace you are learning the language. To learn the basics an hour each day would be enough if you have a couple of months. If you are in hurry or looking to learn the subject for any specific requirement you have to invest two to three hours each day for about a month.

Make sure you have time for practice unless you repeat what you have learn it is impossible to remember them. Focus on understanding more than memorizing, this way even if you need more hours you will gain solid learning experience.

How does a perfect Chinese Mandarin tutor will look like?

Before taking lessons, it is difficult to assess your teacher whether he/she is the perfect match for you. Look at the following points to evaluate the personality of your private tutor, finding all the features in a single instructor is next to impossible, consider yourself lucky if you get at least a few of them in your tutor.

Positive attitude

One of the must-have qualities of a Chinese Mandarin tutor is a positive attitude which eases up the entire conversation with the students. Try to find whether your tutor has a charming personality, having one-on-chat is the perfect way to find out, however, if you are planning to take online classes a skype call would do the same.

Don’t praise you constantly

A great teacher must not praise for your effort, instead, he/she must know how to push your limits so that you can achieve perfection. So, if you see your tutor is praising you constantly don’t get too carried away.

Criticise and push you

Constructive criticism is important for giving a good push to learn something new, especially Chinese Mandarin. Unless you understand the characters of the letters you can not talk like a native. So, it's okay to receive criticism at some level, don’t let that discourage you from learning new things.

Easy to reach

Make sure you can reach your tutor whenever required if you are opting for one-on-one coaching make sure you can connect with the tutor through WhatsApp or Skype. However, the same goes for online classes, you can ask the teacher for a suitable time when he can answer your questions over the phone or through Skype.

Answer your questions

Needless to mention the Chinese Mandarin tutor must be able to answer all your subject related question with proper explanations. If you think you are not getting a satisfactory answer don’t hesitate to replace the tutor.

Have patience

Teachers must remember that every student has their own pace of learning, so they must have patience throughout the process. This is another must-have quality of a tutor.

Provide honest feedback

No matter how bitter it is, every tutor should provide honest feedback to their students to help them learn better. No sugar-coated conversation can help students in improvement. They must plan mock tests to evaluate the students progressive properly.

Encourage you

The tutor must encourage you to learn better and ready to provide help when required, however, this feature can not be understood in one class. You need to take a few classes from the tutor to assess this quality.

How to find the perfect private Chinese Mandarin tutor?

Finding a good Chinese Mandarin tutor is extremely easy, sign-up with an online education platform like MyPrivateTutor and post your learning requirement, let the team connect the best Chinese Mandarin tutor near you to help, or you can access the database to find the perfect tutor for you. Sometimes you can ask for a free demo class to understand the teacher’s teaching style and to assess whether it would be suitable for you.

There are thousands of Chinese Mandarin tutors in Singapore who are ready to teach the language to students for any specific requirement. Instead of asking your friends about a good private tutor you can search the same on Google and handpick one checking the recommendations and ratings.

Why choose MyPrivateTutor?

MyPrivateTutor is one of the leading online education platforms in Singapore backed by more than twelve years of experience in dealing with students with different learning requirements. If you are looking for an experienced Chinese Mandarin tutor sign-up with them and post your learning requirement, let the team verify your requirement and get back to you.

They have a mammoth database of certified and qualified tutors from all over the country. We have a strict selection process, we only allow certified and qualified instructors to help our students so do not worry about the eligibility of our tutors.


Looking for the best Chinese Mandarin tutor near you? It is easier than you think if you have the proper information and know the right method to spot the perfect tutor. Also, discover some of the must-have qualities of Chinese Mandarin tutor.


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