E-learning Has Become an Important Aspect of Higher Educational Organizations in Singapore

Nov 12, 2019

E-learning, a storm that is blowing the present world furthers greater access to knowledge. It has emerged as the necessity to meet the challenges triggered by the rapid development of information technology.

The introduction of e-learning took place in developed countries leading to the benchmark of adoption and utilization of new models. One can argue that the influential factors as well as the barriers regarding the adoption of e-learning within various regions and societies can differ due to the difference in degrees of intensity.

The education sector around the globe is adopting e-learning methods widely. It has become one of the principal subjects of research and examination in higher educational institutions. Singapore is a well-established country concerning wealth. Since the last few decades, the government of Singapore along with some reputed educational institutions is focusing on higher education with the involvement of e-learning. But, the regretful fact is that regardless of the higher standard of living in the country, it is lagging behind the other countries due to the insufficient innovation and production potentiality. The government and the specific organizations are undertaking joint venture for upgrading and updating the subject skills of the students, teachers, employees, etc.

The constant use and adoption of communication and information technology through the hands of Singapore government and the allied institutions have led to the making of the infrastructure competent to adopt new technologies like e-government, e-learning, and e-commerce.

The term ‘e-learning’ is still new to most Singaporeans. Few numbers of local supplies proffer the systems of e-learning. The financial and the petroleum sector are the first to accept it. Presently, more organizations are coming forward to take e-learning system in their operations.

  •  E-learning – A blessing of internet

Owing to the intensive research and development to enrich the country with higher education, expansion of the use of technology is taking place. The internet and its usage are gaining much importance than ever before.

Bearing in mind, the international movements nearing a society which will be information based, the method of e-learning is coming into the sphere of acceptance for the improvement of the training and learning of the organizations in Singapore.

  • The proposed plan:

The Education Ministry of Singapore has come forward to usher in the latest technologies in all the schools for the promotion of interactive electronic learning. 
The aim is to raise an entire generation of students who will be able to deal confidently with the scientific developments worldwide and educate themselves uninterruptedly.
Again, the plan is focused on promoting the methods of interactive electronic learning and strengthening the teachers’ capacity in bringing the creative talents of the students into full force. Hence, in 2008, the ministry adopted the educational modernization strategy that demanded e-learning or electronic learning. In September 2008, a ministerial decree was issued that is based on the clear strategy for setting up a precise supervisory panel for electronic education. The panel made headway to the standards of the e-educational projects and the relevant procedures. The middle school and the elementary schools and even the kindergarten gradually started following e-learning methods. The programs have the goal of creating education-friendly environments that help in employing the latest information and telecommunication technologies’ (ICT) application in the sphere of education.

  • E-education :- Merits:

If we concentrate on the merits of e-education, we can see that it helps in creating an interactive environment that is parallel to the traditional education. Students can now increase the barriers of time and place throughout the learning process. Learners can also effectively interact with the faculties and refine their individual skills.

Therefore, we can conclude by stating that Singapore is also progressing in the matter of e-learning like other developed countries and gradually many universities and private institutions are opening the doors for Singaporean students to get the taste of e-learning and pursue higher and professional education.


The education sector around the globe is adopting e-learning methods widely. It has become one of the principal subjects of research and examination in higher educational institutions.

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