Connection Between Playing Violin And Mathematics

Dec 03, 2020

Did you know a considerable amount of scientific research suggests that playing and listening to music improves your cognitive ability and helps you focus even more? As a parent if you think your child is a music enthusiast you must consider hiring a violin tutor who will impart valuable lessons to your kid. Listening to music also improves kids overall listening abilities, children who play music are tend to be smarter than others.

In this article, we will discuss some of the worth mentioning the benefits of playing the violin with special emphasis on improving mathematical skills. Over the years if your child learns how to play and compose music it would be a great achievement, sometimes parents think practising music or going to music classes would hamper academics, but it has the complete opposite effect, it would rather help your child with the academics.

How playing the violin can improve mathematical skills among children?

If your child struggles with maths instead of being anxious or hiring an expensive private math tutor it would be helpful if you let them play musical instruments like the violin. Playing the violin requires a lot of attention so does mathematics, every child needs to learn how to observe and focus. If you let your child play the violin they will easily learn these skills after two to three classes. When they will practice a single tune to achieve perfection they will understand the value of practising, same they can apply while learning mathematics.

Professionals from the music education industry will agree to the fact that learning music has manifold benefits. Listening to enjoyable music can develop math skills because it is all about time signature. While performing music some parts of your brain reinforce automatically. Studies even show that children who play music on a regular basis able to solve complex mathematical problems better than those who do not play musical instruments.

Students who commit themselves to learn the violin or piano may also learn other skills that help them perform better in academics. Fine motor skills are the result of practising musical instruments. Besides children will learn how to appreciate artistic performances, so from the next time when you will think about helping your child with mathematical issues think about professional violin lessons.

Top 4 benefits of playing the violin

Other than improving on mathematical performance here are top 4 benefits of practising the piano:

1. Improved self-esteem

When your child will master a new skill and made progress in particular lessons they will learn how to improve their self-esteem which would nourish their feeling in a positive sense. Violin lessons can provide tremendous self-esteem especially if you let your child learn it in their childhood. They will also learn how to accept constructive criticism which would help them become more mature over time. They will also learn the importance of practice.

2. Better hand-eye coordination

While playing the violin you need to sit in a proper position and keep your fingers synchronized. You have to listen to a tune very carefully to make it perfect, it would eventually help you improve your hand-eye coordination. It also improves your muscle memory, playing the violin is connected with three important things: concentration, coordination and confidence, which are one of the trickiest skills to learn.

3. Better cognitive ability

While practising coordination exercises frequently your child will develop improved cognitive ability. With regular piano lessons, they can work on their general cognitive ability as well as spatial testing which are necessary for learning attention and reasoning. Student’s dedication towards learning piano will make them emotionally strong and determined which would reflect on their studies as well. It would also help them learn new languages faster than their peers.

4. Helps in socialize better

Sometimes children don’t show interest in communicating with others, especially when they meet new people or friends, if you let them learn violin they will get a chance to interact with similar minded people for an hour within a class setup. Eventually, their communication skills will be improved, so if you have an introvert child having a problem with socializing try providing violin or piano lessons from professional music tutors.

For beginners which type of lessons is recommended?

For beginners, there are various free online violin lessons where they will learn how to hold the instrument since it is one of the basic and important things to learn. It is also crucial to know how to place the first, second, third and the fourth finger. As an amateur, you have to learn how to play the pizzicato and how to hold the bow once you learn all these things it will be easier to learn advanced features of the violin. Children below four years of age can start learning “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

Now new-age parents are looking for online violin classes for their kids so that they can learn how to play the instrument from their home comfort. If you are looking for online violin tutors you can check online education platforms that provide violin lessons through experienced instructors. Or you can check myprivatetutor to find the right violin course for you.

How to find a good violin tutor in Singapore?

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Worried about your child’s math grade? Looking for a natural way to improve performance in math? Give this article a read and discover some of the important reasons to let your child learn the violin from professional instructors.


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