Can I trust local tutors with my child? Things you need to know

Oct 22, 2020

Most people are familiar with private tuition, but when it comes to your toddler, you need to be extra careful. Nowadays with both working parent, it is important to provide proper guidance to your kid so that they don’t miss out anything, many parents prefer to hire a local tutor to help their child learn at the first place if you are in the same situation looking for a decent local tutor for your child this article is a must-read for you

10 reasons to hire a local tutor in Singapore

Local tutors can be your child’s helping hand in learning activities; they influence your child’s behaviour in many ways. With local tutors, your child can learn more effectively with hands-on knowledge.

1. Feel the gap

In the classroom setting your child might struggle to grasp new things, don’t let them lag behind because you can’t provide time to them, instead let a local tutor feel the learning gap. In absent of parents, it is important for the child to learn comfortably, which is precisely the responsibility of a local tutor. If your child is a shy one having difficulties communicating in the class in front of forty other students, they might lag behind due to the classroom pace. So, if you hire a local tutor, they might help your child not only to score better but also help them socialize.

2. Building trust

Building trust is not an overnight thing; it is more like a process; your child needs to learn the trust culture, which will help them to learn at a high level. Trust is safety, trust is a comforting feeling which says someone has your back, it’s okay to fail, but it’s crucial to take a lesson from it. If the tutor able to develops a trustworthy relationship with your child, they will get the hidden flavour of learning new concepts.

3. Work on basics

Every subject needs to be worked out from its basics; otherwise, your child may face problems catching up with advanced concepts. The local tutor can help your kid understand the basics of each subject with utmost care; they can learn from their mistakes and develop their learning skills.

4. Help your child socialize

Sometimes it is not possible for students to ask different subject related questions within the class, a series of factor might be responsible for this including bad temperament of the teacher, insecurity about how others will react etc. but on front of the private tutor, the student can discuss all kinds of academics related problems. Tutors help them to become the version of themselves which boost their confidence and help them to socialize better.

5. Prepare for the exam

Instead of having a good preparation some students struggle to get a good score in the final examination which reflect in their report card if your child is one of them it is a clear indication that he/she needs an extra hand to work with time management which is a key factor in scoring well. Through a series of mock tests, the tutor helps them prepare better for their examination.

6. Increase self-confidence

Junior students sometimes try to learn and imitate their teachers for good, if your child gets the help from a decent local tutor not only his/her academic performance will improve, it would also bring an overall behavioural change in it influenced by the teacher. In today’s competitive world children has to work out on their self-confidence to excel in every field.

7. Introduce new learning ways

Private tutors are acknowledgeable for their subject of expertise; sometimes schools can introduce new learning methods and technologies as quickly as local tutors. They prefer to go beyond the curriculum to introduce effective learning ways for students which proved to be helpful.

8. Boost Your child’s academic performance

Private tutors help the academic performance of the students by setting up small goals through a series of mock tests and/or surprise tests. They help you eliminate time-taking and inactive steps in your child’s studying process and replace them with something more effective with their exceptional time management skills. Emergency, short term tutoring can help saving an extra cost for retaking expensive courses. They will help you structure your learning process.

9. Reduce academic roadblocks

For students, it will be very frustrating to stick between courses, while schools love to challenge their students’ excellence in tricky questions the help from their end sometimes insufficient. But when you stuck between courses, you can end up wasting time and energy without moving in the right direction.

10. One-on-one attention

Receiving help from the teacher in the classroom might be insufficient sometimes, whereas a personal tutor focuses on your child’s query in a better way. For class teachers, it is not always possible to put better attention to each and every student within the limited time frame, but that doesn’t’ mean your child has to compromise with their study, a private tutor can be the saviour who will help your child learn at their own pace, your tutor will help you speed up and slow down based on individual needs of the student.

Where to find trusted local tutors in Singapore?

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All the tutors are extremely trusted worthy; they are specialized in dealing with different learning problems of students, they understand not all students are the same, some are more active than others while some require extra attention to bring their best. Our team verify all the credentials of our tutors like their experience, their qualification etc. Another best part of having a local home tutor from MyPrivateTutor is you can see the expected fees of every tutor at their profile among which you can select one within your budget. After completing the lesson, you can click the “Release Payment” button to pay the tutor who will be transferred to the person through our gateway.

Where to find local tutor jobs?

Are you looking for tutor jobs as a local tutor? Great you have come to the right page, sign up with us and create a tutoring profile, let our team verify your documents. Mention a few details like subjects you would be teaching, location of the students, mode of teaching (online/ offline/ both), grade and the board of the students so that we can run a streamlined search through our database and the requirements of the students.

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Become a Local Tutor in Singapore?

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Wonder whether a local tutor would be trustworthy enough for your child? Know things before jump onto hiring such a tutor. Also, check from where you can find the most experienced tutors in Singapore.


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