Best Websites to Learn Science Concepts

Apr 29, 2021

Learning a subject is not restricted within the boundaries of the classroom right now - from last year, students are learning subjects of the syllabus online. Not just the regular subjects, they are taking online classes for what they are most passionate about (programming, music, dance, exercise, cooking, makeup, and much more). 

While learning online, learners use different resources. Websites for different subjects hold compact guidance for a subject. In the websites, the learners will get

  • Link of the related videos on a topic
  • Blogs
  • Latest updates and news
  • Resources like PDFs of books, question paper, answer sheets, and more 

Let’s learn about the educational websites to learn science during the learning  from home time:

National Geographic Education

nat geo

National Geographic Education holds an extensive number of resources to convert the bookish lessons into something life-like. National Geographic includes resources for K-12 among which we particularly like the activity resources. Apart from activities, students can get photo, video, map, collection, interesting infographics, and much more. 

Do hit the website to learn the chapters of science with more ease and grow more interest by hitting the URL of national Geographic. 



The website of NASA is meant for making the students interested to learn about earth science beyond the books. To get more information about the planets and their satellites, as well as to learn more about the mystery of space, NASA’s website is undoubtedly the best one. 

Not just the students, this website can surely make the parents addicted because of the gallery tab. Here, they can get the image of the day, high-quality video, and access to many other galleries. 

Right on the homepage, everything seems very well organized - learners can easily select the category like earth, moon, mars, space technology, etc. 



ScienceDaily is a home where A to Z topics of science can be found. From earth science to physics, from chemistry to nuclear science, from environmental studies to core biology - everything is here. The students simply need to click on their requirements and find the related resources accordingly. 

Teachers TryScience 

Teachers TryScience

Teachers TryScience is website full of experiments on physics, chemistry, and earth science. Parents often look for the resources to develop an interest for science and technology among their children from their high-school ages. This website will never disappoint them. 

Interactive experiments and field trips make the learning process of the students very enjoyable and they generally want to learn more about it. This website is very useful for the teachers too as they can set their lesson plans and set teaching strategies. 



NOVA has specialized articles and resources on earth and natural science. Apart from that, different topics on human body, theory of evolution, and physics are demonstrated very organized and attractive manner. 

Trending and what’s new section of this website holds the latest episodes uploaded here. These compelling videos are enough to drag learners of all ages; however, this app is meant for the students of 6-12 grades. 

Curiosity Machine - Technovation Families 

Curiosity Machine - Technovation Families

Curiosity Machine is for AI learning - the students can learn about AI from the expert and they can build their own AI. Not just that, the learners can share the same with the experts and get feedback on their skills. 

Along with the learner, parents too can learn the basics of AI and encourage their children to learn AI during the study of middle or high school. 



Scitable is a website related to biology and under the library tab on the home page, the students can get different topics, E-books, spotlight, multimedia, and project help. 

Biology appears easier compared to physics and chemistry and to secure better grades in biology, high school candidates can definitely bookmark this website to get help at the time of need. 



Howstuffworks is a website worth learning as it explains how different things work. Right at the home page, 13 categories are given. Once the students select the category, different items of the category are available. To know the function of any item, they simply need to click on the item and find out how it works. Sounds simple? And this simplicity will make the complicated function of different gadgets and reason behind natural occurrences and much more to the students easily. 
Apart from these, some more helpful websites are 

These websites are nonetheless great to learn science but not everyone can understand the lessons from these websites, they may hire a science tutor. Book a tutor by registering with us. 


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