What are the top schools in Jurong East? List of the Best Primary and Secondary Schools provided

Aug 11, 2020

Jurong East is one of the residential town and planning zone situated in West Singapore. Today’s article is about the top primary and secondary schools’ list in Jurong East.

Primary schools:

Jurong Primary School:

Jurong Primary School aims to develop the students’ grace, and moral values and make them ready for encountering future ventures. It offers a wide and comprehensive range of activities and programs that help the students to learn with delight both inside and outside the classroom. The learners enjoy at their best at camps, celebrations, competitions, and other learning events. Several co-curricular activities are offered to the students like Performing Arts, Sports and Games, Uniform Groups and Modular CCA (Primary 3), Clubs, etc. Students are given rewards, medals, prizes, trophies and certificated for their achievements.

Subjects and programs offered:

Mother Tongue, English, Science, Reading and Reporting, Rhymes and Drama, Sports and Games, Aesthetics, Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), Debating and Perspective Talking, Clubs, Physical Education, Co-Curricular Activities, Individualized Educational Program (IEP), Information and Technology, etc.

Address: 320, Jurong East Street 32, Singapore 609476
Establishment: Since 1950

Fuhua Primary School:

Fuhuma Primary School aims to provide a fun and engaging conducive learning environment to fulfill the curiosity of the students. Also, the school strives to bestow a suitable platform to the pupils so that the learning can help them to follow their passion and flourish in it. Fuhuma Primary School renders pukka multi-sensory experiences to the learners. They get personalized learning approaches and meet needs. The curriculum focuses on nurturing the children in five major disciplines that are moral, cognitive, physical, social and aesthetics. The school promotes awareness and value of the culture by the means of exhibition, and creative activities like sports, dance, etc.

Subjects and programs offered:

English, Mother Tongue, Physical Education, Science, Information and Communication technology, Students’ Well-Being, Mathematics, Holistic Assessment, Chinese Language, CCA/Aesthetic Department, National Education, CL Digital Magazine, Environmental Education, Malay Language, Literacy, Problem-Solving Skills, Tamil Language, and Creative and Critical Thinking.

Address: 65 Jurong East Street 13, Singapore 609647
Establishment: Since 1941

Yuhua Primary School:

The strategic goals of the schools are aligned to expected outcomes of education represented by the Singapore Education System. Yuhua Primary School offers holistic education to the students that gives importance to both academic and non-academic spheres. The school curriculum focuses on building positive characters of the students and polishing their affection for learning. Both minds and hearts of the pupils are nurtured.

Subjects and programs offered:

The children can choose from the four categories of CCAs that are Clubs and Society, Sports and Games, Uniformed Groups, and Performing Arts.

Address: 158 Jurong East Street 24, Singapore 609558
Establishment: Since 1930

Secondary Schools:

Crest Secondary School:

It is the first Specialized School for Normal Technical (SSNT) students located in Singapore. The school has an expert team of highly experienced Heads of Departments, Teachers, and School Leaders. They are backed up and approved by the Ministry of education and the Institute of Technical Education. The school provides a Sec One to Sec Four curriculum that is fully customized. This curriculum incorporates academic learning and vocational training. The Normal Technical students are made engaged via a program that intimately embodies the academic knowledge that is often observed in mainstream schools and vocational training offered in Singapore’s ITE or Institute of Technical Education.

Subjects and programs offered:

Mother Tongue, English Language, Aesthetics, Mathematics, Info-Communication Technology, Cyber Wellness, Science, Malay Language, Tamil Language, Video Production and Editing, Chinese, Physical Education, Microsoft Topics, Literacy and Numeracy, Sports Skills, Post-Secondary Skills Training, Cocept of Game, and Sexuality Education.

Address: 561 Jurong East Street 24, Singapore 609561
Establishment: Since 2012

Commonwealth Secondary School:

This Jurong East, Singapore’s School is a government, co-educational, secondary and autonomous. The secondary school education offered by the school make the pupils ready for Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level or Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level exam. This school focuses on promoting confident learners with traits like discipline, creation, synthesis, ethics, and respect to make them a confident, responsible and good human beings. Several co-curricular activities are granted such as aesthetics, sports, clubs, uniformed groups and societies.

Subjects and programs offered:

Aesthetics, English Language and Literature, Tamil Language, Malay, Chinese, Basketball, Cross-Country, Visual and Performing Arts, Character and Citizenship Education Program, mathematics, Design Thinking, Badminton, Robotics, Programming, Humanities, Sexuality Education, Science, Netball, Arts Club, Dragon-Boat, and Soccer.

Address: 698 West Coast Road, Singapore 608784
Establishment: Since 1964

Jurongville Secondary School:

Jurongville Secondary School nurture the students with the love for learning, serving and leading. They believe in the philosophy that everybody can learn, achieve and contribute. Development of confidence, critical thinking, empathy, communication, reading skills are looked after. The secondary students receive a holistic education that includes character development, journey of overseas learning, life program, leadership, discipline, etc.

Subjects and programs offered:

Mathematics, Humanities, Languages including Mother Tongue, English, Information Communication and Technology, Physical Education, Music, Normal Technical, Communication Skills, Science, Values in Action Projects, Counselling and Special Needs, Craft and Technology, Co-Curricular Activities and Programs like Sports and Games, Uniformed Groups, Clubs, etc.

Address: 202 Jurong East Avenue 1, Singapore 609790
Establishment: Since 1933

These are the top schools in Jurong East, Singapore.

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