What Are The Best Methods Adopted By The Social Science Tutor To Teach Social Science?

Jul 27, 2020

Social Science embraces scientific study of human society, economics, politics, anthropology, linguistics, archaeology, management science, human geography, psychology, musicology, social history, welfare and nursing studies, and social relationships. The term ‘Social Science’ was referred to the sociology field only. It was in the 19th century that the establishment of the original ‘science of society’ took place.

Social science tutors adopt various methods to teach social science to the students. Let’s dig into the methods:

Lecture Method:

Lecture Method indicates teaching through lecture. The teachers deliver thorough explanation in straightforward manner that can be easily understood by the students. This specific method is being applied for the secondary school students. Proper lecture motivates the students. They can comprehend the subject clearly, review and develop the learned content.

This particular method aims to impart authentic and effective information about the subject’s events in a systematic manner. The students receive the right training in listening. The method aids in developing excellent audience habits. It furthers the scope of corresponding subjects and events. It creates a bridge between earlier knowledge and the new ones.

Problem solving method:

This method adopted by the social science tutor signifies ‘how we think’. The learner needs to solve a problem on his or her own through the usage of previous knowledge. To quote Dewey, “the problem fixes the end of thought and the end controls the process of thinking.”

There are certain criteria related to this method. Firstly, the problem must be intellectually energizing and challenging to the learners. It shouldn’t be completely unknown as the children are supposed to solve the problems using their earlier experience. The problem needs to be relevant to basic human activity, interesting and practical.

Project Method:

The ideas of Mr. John Deway, the great American educationalist are the basis of Project Method. Mr. William Kilpatrick developed the ideas into a clear method. He said that a project is a thoroughgoing purposeful activity that advances in a social environment.

To quote Stevenson, “A project is a problematic act carried to completion in its natural setting.” Deway opined that children must be bestowed education for satisfying their life needs. The school has to function in the shape of a mini society that can help a student to get education in a way that let them engage in various group projects. Nothing should be forced upto them. The social science tutor must play the role of a guide.

The steps involved in Project Method:

  • Provision of a situation
  • Selecting the project
  • Planning about the project
  • Execution of the plans
  • Evaluation of the entire project

Source Method:

In this method, the social science tutor use the original sources of information for explaining each point or different facts. The teacher applies the same procedure to establish a principle and provide the detailed account of an event. Both teachers and students take part in it through activities. Usually, the teachers used source method in the starting of the lesson for motivating the students. He or she can show pictures related to the chapter. Also, Source Method is used throughout the course of the session for helping the learners correlate the principles, events and facts related to the lesson.

Supervised Study Method:

According to Arthur C Binning and David H Binning, supervised study indicates the teacher’s supervision of a group of students or class as they work around their tables or at their desks. The social science tutor is supposed to be ready to help the students. This method improves individual attention, teacher-student relation and learners’ skills including the way to read materials of social studies and graphs, use encyclopedias, use dictionaries, indexes, maps, and almanacs.

Dramatization method:

In other words, dramatization can be stated as a synthetic art that involves the purposive coordination, and takes control of the body’s delicate speech and muscles’ organs combining with a sense of rhythm embracing a view to intelligent and free expression related to ideas and emotions.

Dramatization Method is extremely beneficial because drama has immense social value. It is actually a co-operative enterprise that aims in developing social understanding and qualities of cooperation. Drama involves several activities, and students get to choose items as per their aptitudes and urges. The play must be able to depict the wrongs of the social customs, contains literary value, easy for the students to understand, entertaining, and free of any vulgarity.

These are the best and proven methods that are adopted by the social science tutor for teaching social science to the pupils.

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