Best Diploma Programs for High School Pass-outs in Singapore

May 21, 2021

Students these days don't always go for a traditional degree after completing their high school studies. Some choose the professional diploma courses instead. We have a belief that degree holders get better jobs compared to diploma holders. This may be true in some cases, but candidates with a diploma in any professional course, get decent placement. The placement is all about your choice of Diploma course - if you select a fruitful one, you will succeed in getting a job, otherwise, you will need to get another diploma to qualify as an eligible candidate. 

Let's check some fruitful Diploma courses for high school pass-outs in Singapore:

Diploma in Business Management from Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)

Duration: 7 - 9 months

Fees: SGD 6,955

Mode of course delivery: Campus studies

Contents covered: 

  • Business Management (principal and application)
  • Business Accounting 
  • Business Finance
  • Marketing techniques
  • Production Management tools
  • In-depth study on Organisational Behaviour
  • Business Economics
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Law
  • IT basics

This course teaches leadership and managerial skills - it is equally important for entrepreneurs.

International Diploma in Gaming and Animation Technology from Informatics Academy

Duration: 10 - 14 months

Fees: SGD 5,564 for domestic students, SGD 7,704 for international students

Mode of course delivery: Campus studies

Contents covered: 

  • Creation of Arcade Games 
  • Detailed training on Java and C++
  • Gaming Platforms 
  • Game Documentation 
  • Understanding game graphics and sound
  • Processing graphics and sound in games
  • Game Development mathematics
  • Web Development
  • Basics of Networking 

This program is for those who want to combine their love for web design, animation technology, and web development with web development. A game developer is needed in various companies and this diploma ensures a smooth career path for them.

Diploma In Cyber Security from Informatics Academy

Duration: 12 months

Fees: SGD 6,848 for domestic students, SGD 10,058 for international students

Mode of course delivery: Campus studies

Contents covered: 

  • Networking Security 
  • Cryptography
  • Analysis of Information Systems 
  • Security Analysis
  • SecurityDesign 
  • Security Implementation
  • Threats of Network Security 
  • Defence Mechanisms
  • Computer Forensics 
  • Incident Investigation
  • Ethical Hacking 
  • Information Security Assessments

Cybersecurity is truly a need of the hour and this diploma will enhance the possibility of a candidate in terms of jobs as well as in higher education.

Advanced Diploma in Network and Computer Technology from Informatics Academy

Duration: 14 months

Fees: SGD 5,992 for domestic students, SGD 7,490 for international students

Mode of course delivery: Campus studies

Contents covered: 

  • Database Administration
  • Network Management
  • Advanced Networking
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Information Systems Management
  • Network Management
  • Python Programming
  • Internship/Project

At present all the companies are looking forward to network specialists to enhance their circle. Candidates with a diploma in network and computer technology draw a handsome salary every month.

Diploma in Banking & Finance from LSBF Singapore

Duration: 12 months

Fees: SGD 7,500

Mode of course delivery: Campus and online studies

Contents covered: 

  • Basics of economics
  • Global economics
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial planning
  • Banking standards

This course is meant for banking professionals. People from commerce or economics background mainly join this diploma study. 

Advanced Diploma in Information Technology from Informatics Academy

Duration: 10 - 14 months

Fees: SGD 5,992 for domestic students, SGD 8,346 for international students

Mode of course delivery: Campus studies

Contents covered: 

  • Advanced Operating Systems
  • Advanced Visual Basic.Net
  • Interactive Website development
  • Application Development
  • Streaming Multimedia
  • Network Security
  • Java Programming
  • Database Designing

This diploma is essential to those who want to get the position of IT professionals. 

How Diploma Courses Help High School Students?

It is now known that diploma courses help the candidates to get a job. Apart from that, diploma courses are

  • Much affordable compared to degrees
  • Lesser in duration

Most importantly, diploma courses focus on applied learning. Candidates have the chance to have hands-on experience. In a degree course, candidates need to spend a lot of time learning the theories and concepts before learning their applications in real life. In any job, the candidates need to show their expertization on practicality - they are selected based on how they are handling real-life situations. So, diploma courses make professionals.

In a nutshell, diploma courses are job-oriented courses. These courses deal with the practical aspects of bookish theory. Eligibility criteria of most of the jobs at present hold a regular degree course. Along with that, the authority mentions an equivalent diploma, so that diploma holders can also apply. So, the high school students who want jobs fast may proceed with diploma courses. If freshers get any of these diplomae, he/she will be one step ahead in terms of career and by the time their diploma course gets completed, they can find tutor jobs for themselves.


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