The Future of Education – Artificial Intelligence

Jul 22, 2021

The education system is itself going through a major change. In near future, the education system will have very little resemblance to the education system of now or a few years before. AI has stepped into almost all the genres of life and soon it will capture the education system. This is actually the future of education and education with AI will be easier and more accessible to all the students. 

AI in Education System at Present Time

At present, AI in the education system is working as an aid to teachers. It helps the teachers to access the learning and teaching materials available over the internet to teach. Nowadays, AI helps as a tool to teach not only the students but also the teachers. The teachers actually learn with the help of AI and they teach what they learn. 

Presently, virtual learning is also possible because of AI technology. The students from their homes are able to connect with their teachers without coming to the classroom. Also, they never miss a lecture or notes that too sitting in their homes. They can take exams and submit their papers/assignments from their homes. These all are possible due to AI. AI ensures that there will be no communication gap, no matter where the students and their teachers are. 

Online tutoring services are also developed based on AI. Here, the learners get personalized tutoring services from a tutor from a different state or country. 

AI for education

How the Future of Education Looks with AI?

At present, AI is installed in a few segments of education, but in future, education will be truly AI dependent. As per the report of US Education Sector, the growth of AI is 45% from 2017 to 2021. After 2021, it is expected to have even more growth. Check what the future of education will include: 

Some Smarter Devices 

To digitalize education, some modern tools will be required and interactive whiteboards will come as the priority of AI-based education. At present, teachers can place a physical whiteboard when they are taking an online class. But, the students cannot collaborate on this whiteboard which creates confusion. Interactive whiteboards come with the facilities of collaboration. It will make learning any subject easier than before. 

Along with whiteboard, the use of Chromebooks and tablets among the students will increase in the future. These devices will come with default storage and as soon as a student log in to that device, they can access anything stored and use these. 

IT suits also need mention when it comes to the smarter devices - these suits are like complete packages that will smoothen the education system as a whole. Plus, digital and customized textbooks will also be included in AI-based education to make learning fun and interesting. 

More Use of Online Resources

Learning with online resources is already an essential part of education. In future, the students will be more tend to use these online resources like learning apps, websites, online testing tools, and much more. Use of online flashcards, explanations, educational blogs, and video tutorials will have even more relevance in the future. These resources will lead to a clearer and easier understanding of the subject matter. It will improve the personal learning experience of the students to a great extent. So, these resources will be more and more related to better grades of the students. 


Role of the Teachers 

In terms of including AI in education, the role of the teachers is the most important and debated matter. But the positive part is no teacher will lose their jobs due to the inclusion of AI in education. Robots can teach only the concepts which are programmed in them, but the teachers teach way more than that. Social, emotional, and moral educations are not yet in the reach of AI and for this, the need of the teachers will be always relevant. Inclusion or non-inclusion of AI does not matter - the teachers will not lose their job at all even in future. 

Better Administrative Works 

Education system includes a number of administrative worlds. Apart from benefitting education, AI will impact these administrative parts. The tasks like organizing the sheets and assignments, reviewing the papers, grade calculation needs much effort, and concentration. AI can do these tasks more easily and faster on behalf of humans. 

AI in the education system is inevitable, so we need to prepare ourselves as well as the students to accept whatever changes come in the future. The teachers on the first hand need to improve their skills - specifically, they need to be more tech-savvy to cope up with the future of education. The students will gradually learn the use of the devices and technologies, but the teachers need to be their guide. So, prior information and guide about the technology are important for the teachers. 


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