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Jun 24, 2021

Pi is a very common mathematical term and it is also sometimes considered to be one of the most important numbers in the world. Pi has simplified and brought clarity in a number of mathematical calculations. 

What Is Pi? 

Pi or π has its origin in Greece - this is the 16th letter in the Greek alphabet. In mathematics, Pi comes with a special significance. In mathematical measurement, Pi is used to calculate the area and circumference of a circle. In decimal, the value of Pi is 3.14 and the fractional interpretation of Pi is 22/7. Pi is basically the ratio of circumference and diameter of a circle. 

Johann Lambert in 1761 showed Pi as an irrational number. Ferdinand von Lindemann in 1861 showed that polynomial equations with integers cannot be solved with Pi.  

A circle is a common shape and it is very common that mathematicians of ancient times will look for ways to calculate the circumference and area of a circle just like other fundamental shapes. No matter how large or small the circle is, its measurement will be done in terms of Pi. 

Pi is constant and the rest of the calculations are done in respect of Pi. The universal measurements are done with this much clarity because of Pi. 

Now it needs to be mentioned that Pi is a never-ending number. Mathematicians consider it as 22/7 or 3.14 or 3.1415. But in reality, it is 3.141592653589 and it continues. It is not yet figured out whether Pi can end or not. There are only theories, but none of the theories are able to prove or disprove whether Pi can end or it is just infinite.

Experiments With Pi

Pi is used as a constant to measure the circumference of a circle in respect of the diameter of the same circle. After a number of experiments, it is found that the circumference of a circle is 3.1415 times the diameter. 

No matter how large or how small the circle is - this ratio stays fixed all the time because. The larger a circle is - the bigger the diameter gets as a result the circumference increases alongside. Similarly, a smaller circle comes with a smaller diameter and in terms of that diameter, the circumference is 3.14 times the diameter. 

The 2 most important and most used formulas with Pi are 2πr and πr2. The first one is used to measure the circumference of a circle and the second one is used to measure the area of a circle. 

It is believed that Pi is literally everywhere. It is encoded in the spots of a leopard as well as the stripes of a zebra. For the mathematical models, Pi is one of the most important numbers. The models made to calculate the epidemic rates also use Pi. Apart from mathematical measurement, Pi is used in various subjects including architecture, robotics, geometry, and trigonometry. To explain lights, sound waves, river bends, crop calculations, atomic measurements, and much more Pi is equally important. Albert Einstein explained the association of Pi with river bends by using fluid dynamics and chaos theory to show the tendency of the rivers to bend in loops. This diverse use of Pi makes it the most famous and important number. 

Fun Facts About Pi

March 14 or 3/14 is celebrated as Pi day. It was first observed in 1988 and on that day physicist Larry Shaw celebrated Pi day with the consumption of a pie. It became a tradition since then. 

To your amazement, Pi is also related to gravity. The local gravitational constant is pretty close to the value of Pi. 

Pi comes in the group of 5 super numbers of Euler's identity. Along with Pi, this group includes e as a natural number, i as an imaginary number, 1 - a number that comes with multiplicative identity, and 0 - a number with additive identity. 

Approximations of Pi are more than anyone can imagine - sometimes, it is simply considered as 3. But in most of the cases, 2 to 4 digit decimal values are used for more accurate calculations. However, these values are approximate ones. It is not yet figured out whether Pi can end or not. In most of the mathematical measurements, Pi is used as 22/7. 

It will take books after books to explain Pi and its significance in mathematics. For academic-level mathematics, Pi is an important number. Students can get to know the school or university-level usages of Pi from any experienced math tutor. Contact MyPrivateTutor today to get the best tutor for you today. 

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