A Success Story: Education in Singapore

Jul 15, 2019

The year 2015 has experienced the rating of Singapore provided by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in possessing the best education system in the entire world. The director of OECD, Andreas Schleicher depicted that the students in Singapore are pro in the science and maths.

The average Singaporean student of 15 years old is approximately 10 months ahead of the students in the Western countries and is 20 months ahead in Maths. The Singaporean students are known to score among the best in the international exams. The education system in Singapore is the first-rate due to the focus of the classes on teaching the students specific subjects and problem-solving skills. The classroom is very much scripted. The curriculum concentrates on teaching practical skills to the students that will help them in problem-solving in the competitive world.

The system understands that exams are crucial, and the classes are strictly oriented around them. Singapore based authorities are trying consistently to re-assessing and improving the education system.

In recent days, many learners have reported about the growing levels of overstress and psychological troubles triggered by the academic rigor. In its response, Singapore drew to a close to the listing of the top-scoring students on the national exam for easing parts of the pressure felt by the students.

Teach Less, Learn More:

A strategy known as ‘Teach Less, Learn More’ has been incorporated that encourages the teachers to concentrate on the education’s quality and not the quantity.

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Singaporean culture is another vital reason or educational mastery. There is nothing called ‘Talent Myth’ in Singapore that depicts that some children are naturally smarter than others. As per a report of a local newspaper named ‘The Straits’, around 70% of parents sign their kids up for the extra classes outside the regular schooling hours. In the local bookstores, more than half of the stores are stuffed with educational materials.

Counting the reasons:

1. Everyone in Singapore wants to be successful.

2. The government of Singapore invests heavily in education. Various activities like arts, environmental awareness, nature awareness, sports, etc. are extremely well-funded.

3. High academic standards have been set by the Ministry of Education. All schools are held accountable to them. No excuses from the principals and teachers are heard.

Also, any protests from the students, teachers and the parents about the Creationism is not there.

4. High respect is given to the teaching profession. It attracts the top talents. The teachers are incredibly committed and work for long hours, and they get ample opportunities for professional development.

5. Singaporean students are very respectful culturally. They are self-disciplined than the students of Western countries. Fewer classroom disruptions are there.

6. Parents are cautious about their children’s behavior. Again, parents are held responsible if their wards misbehave in school.

7. Parents keep on pushing their students strategically to do exceptionally well academically.

8. The Singaporean schools are totally transparent about the objective concerning the entrance and the grades into the best secondary schools. They are dependent on the merits

9. The main economic asset of Singapore is the Singaporean people. Investing in people is considered as the winning formula. The combination of the thoughtful government making decisions on the part of people, most of whom are extremely hard-working, well-educated and smart. Singaporeans understand that doing well in the schools will show the direct route towards financial security.

10. The history of Singapore is rich, and the people are proud of the history. They are highly patriotic. They believe that doing good in education will benefit not only themselves but also their country.

11. Consistent tracking on the students’ performances is done. The students thriving in the classrooms are continuously challenged and provided chances to stretch themselves. The highly promising learners are provided ample opportunities for competing for academic awards.

The Singaporean system is highly effective at identification and caring for the most elite academic virtuosity. The country ensures that those who are not financially boosted should receive the highest levels of education. The parents take an active part in their children’s education and keep a detailed eye on the academic performances that reflect in their results.


The average Singaporean student of 15 years old is approximately 10 months ahead of the students in the Western countries and is 20 months ahead in Maths. The Singaporean students are known to score among the best in the international exams.

Sudipto Das

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